Former England captain, Steven Gerrard, admits he would have signed a new Liverpool contract last summer, but the contract offer came a bit too late.

“Yes, if a contract had been put in front of me in pre-season I would have signed it,” Gerrard told the Liverpool Echo.

“I’d just retired from England to concentrate all my efforts on Liverpool. I didn’t want my club games to be tailored.

“My injury record had been fantastic for the past two and a half years and I had a great season from a personal point of view last season.

“It’s all ifs, buts and hindsight now. That period between the summer and the end of November gave me thinking time.

“There’s no blame and I’m not angry about it. There are other people in the squad and the club had other things to worry about.

“Liverpool Football Club have been unbelievable for me since I was eight years old. This club has helped me fulfil my dreams over and over again.”

Steven Gerrard, last week, announced he’ll be Anfield in the summer after 25 years, 17 seasons, 695 games, scoring 180 goals and winning 10 trophies with his beloved Liverpool. The ultimate “One club man” is finally leaving his boyhood club, not for any other rival club or for oil-rig money. The former England captain will lead his team one final time against Stoke City because he feels he can’t contribute anymore. Gerrard is all about sheer passion and money has never been an issue for the Liverpool captain. Throughout his glorious Anfield career, Gerrard rejected a host of top clubs including the likes of Real Madrid, Chelsea, Inter and Bayern Munich. After bailing out Liverpool on numerous occasions, Anfield will be miss their favourite son.

“I’ve never seen that as a burden,” Gerrard told the Liverpool Echo.

“There’s been huge pressure and responsibility on me but I’ve always loved and embraced that.

“It’s been a massive honour to be captain of this club for so long and it will be right to the end.

“I’ll be a Liverpool fan to the day I die. I’ve lived my dreams.”

Steven Gerrard also revealed he had contract offers from several clubs in Premier League and in Europe, but he rejected them to avoid the possibility to play against Liverpool.

“I had a lot of offers – domestically, from Europe, Asia and America,” Gerrard told the Liverpool Echo.

“When I decided the time was right to leave Liverpool, I knew straightaway I wouldn’t ever sign for another domestic club or anyone in Europe.

“I never wanted to find myself in the situation where I was coming back to play against Liverpool. Even if I went somewhere else in Europe I’d be running that risk in terms of the European competitions.

“Also, I said to myself that if you want to play for a big team in Europe with a great coach then I may as well stay put because I had all that here already. That wouldn’t have been the change I was looking for.

“The attraction of America was a different lifestyle, a different culture for myself and my family.”


Quotes Courtesy: Liverpool Echo

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