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Widely considered as one of the world’s topmost defenders, the 23-year-old Bayern Munich Starlet was a huge fan of Arsenal and of Patrick Vieira in particular. Presently the Bayern Munich left-back seems unlikely to leave his club anytime soon, yet Bayern was never his first option.

Mentioning him in their weekly magazine, France Football interviewed one of the first journalists to write about the Austrian prodigy, Andras Heidenreich, about his transfer to Bayern Munich. Writing about how did Bayern, end up signing David Alaba, he said: ‘David was so good that Austria (Wien) couldn’t keep him. Heiko Vogel, Bayern’s U14 manager, spotted him during a tournament in Bremen. He was straight away seduced by his will and charisma on the pitch.”

Alaba made his debut with the Bundesliga giants in the year of 2010 after signing for them long back in 2008 from Austria Wien. Knasmüllner, who joined Bayern at the very same time as Alaba, has had a totally different career compared to his former teammate and is currently playing for a club named Admira Wacker in Austria, after the stints with Ingolstadt and Inter Milan.

Alaba’s dream of playing for Arsenal has been a very hot topic, it is not the first time that this topic has been made public, as the 23-year-old revealed to Der Standard, reported by FourFourTwo, about his childhood dreams and ambitions.

It seems like currently the chances of Arsenal landing Alana at the Emirates is almost nil, considering the player has a contract until 2021 with Bayern Munich, but you never know, it is quite possible that one day he demands the move he has always dreamt of.


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