One of the many charms of Jurgen Klopp is that unlike the person he could be succeeding at Anfield, he has the capacity to prompt people to chuckle with him rather than at him.

Back when Mats Hummels was out injured for a spell at Dortmund, the ever-quotable Klopp quipped, “We will wait for him like a good wife waiting for her husband who is in jail.” Some of Klopp’s utterings last month, though, had more in mind someone with a wandering eye.

At this point, Klopp is almost there to take charge in anfield leaving Borussia Dortmund. Though Ancelotti was in the race, the German boss was always the front-runner for the job, and practically speaking he’d be the front-runner for almost any job. With Borussia Dortmund, he built the club up from mid-table and into a Champions League finalist — the same kind of leap that Liverpool is yearning for.

Speaking more of his sarcastic nature, Klopp is always great value for a good sound bite as the below examples show:

  1.       On Hummels when he was out injured several times

“We will wait for him like a good wife waiting for her husband who is in jail”

  1.       Comparing his style to Arsen Wenger’s

“He likes having the ball, playing football, passes. It’s like an orchestra. But it’s a silent song. I like heavy metal.”

  1.       On trying to outdo Bayern in transfer market

“We have bows and arrows. And when we aim precisely, we can hit the target. It’s only that Bayern have a bazooka. The probability that they will hit the target is clearly higher. But then Robin Hood was apparently quite successful”

  1.       On Bayern’s successful campaign to lure Mario Gotze

“He’s leaving because he’s Guardiola’s favourite. If it’s anyone’s fault, it’s mine. I can’t make myself shorter and learn Spanish.”

      5.       On finally knocking down Bayern Munich following a 3-1 win in February, 2011

“When Dortmund last won here 19 years ago, most of my players were still being breast-fed.”

  1.       On having to give interviews after defeat

“During the first interview, I was very disappointed. During the second one I already felt a bit better. If I wait half an hour, I’ll probably have the feeling that we won”

  1.       Commenting on fixture congestion

“It’s as if someone has to play the world chess championship after 72 hours of sleep deprivation”

  1.       On his singing talent

“I couldn’t have been a rock star, although I do sing Country Road very loudly on the PlayStation karaoke game”

  1.       On facing Juventas in Champions league

“We’re facing the greatest challenge there is in football: to play against an Italian team that only needs a draw. ”

     10.   After a poor first half performance an incredible pep talk that will be missed in Dortmund dressing room

“I told my players during the break: Since we’re here anyway, we might actually play a bit of football.



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