Chelsea lost again,they are just 3 points off the relegation zone. Eva Corneiro..was she world’s best Eden Hazard impersonator and a prolific goalscorer?no. Arnautovic’s brilliant volley gave Stoke an emphatic win.But,the internet is going ga ga over new Chelsea jokes and memes. The rival fans are thinking it would be very nice to see Mourinho sacked after the game he was not even in. Chelsea may continue their downfall from Champions to on the path of Championship if their decline continues. Last time Chelsea won or Hazard scored a goal,Jurgen Klopp was BVB boss and Eva Corneiro worked for Chelsea.

Squawka Football:


Chelsea has lost more Premier league games (7) than Man Utd,City and Arsenal combined together (6)



Matt Lucas


You are laughing at Chelsea now,but they are gonna destroy Championship next season.

When the question is raising that Are Chelsea becoming ‘specialist in failure’? Another Matt Lucas tweet comes,”specialist in 16th”.

Lord Sugar


Mourinho might have a permanent ban from the stadium.I mean Stamford Bridge. 

After Mourinho’s ”I have nothing to say” rant,the hilarious rhyme is out

”Chelsea fans: Win,lose or tie,

I have nothing to say till I die”.

Let’s take a look at some new funny Chelsea memes:

”Only one man can save Chelsea.”

 ”Clueless Chelsea”

comparison with last year

”comparison with last year”



”Drogba:who the hell you are without me?


”How does it feel ,Mourinho?” Eva Carneiro must be very happy


”Meanwhile, Mourinho in his hotel room”

international break

”Mourinho must be feeling really happy since International break is coming”


”Let’s take a moment and laugh at Chelsea”


no caption needed really


Troll football at it

mourinho right now

”Mourinho right now”

Image credits: Squawaka, Troll Football, Justtoonit


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