The last round of the group stage ended last week, giving us the final 16 contenders for the holy grail of European club football, the Champions League trophy!

So let’s backtrack! We will take 4 groups at a time. So among the 16 teams that made it to the round of 16, the teams qualifying from group A, B, C and D are Real Madrid, Paris Saint German, Wolfsburg, PSV, Atletico Madrid, Benfica, Manchester City and Juventus. While Real Madrid and Paris Saint German the qualification was like a piece of cake , group B provided some drama to the viewers and the final match day saw English giants kicked out at the hands of Wolfsburg who qualified as table toppers. As for the other two groups, the qualifying teams were the favourites yet bit of flavour was added when Manchester City topped group D ahead of Italian giants Juventus.

From the remaining groups, E, F, G and H, the qualifying teams were Barcelona, Roma, Bayern Munich, Arsenal,Chelsea, Dynamo Kyiv, Zenit and Gent. Yet again there were notably no surprises as to the teams who qualified except Porto who were kicked out by an ailing Chelsea and a certain Valencia who failed to make a mark.

Everything is set for the draw and according to the rules no team can be pitied against a team from its group and also from its own country. So we might not see an El Clasico or a German derby but we can surely hope for a showdown between Jose Mourinho and a striker he is willing to sign this January or better the experience of Wenger against a Spanish might (Can be either!)

So stay tuned!

Round of 16 draw:

Gent vs Wolfsburg

As Roma vs Real Madrid

PSG vs Chelsea

Arsenal vs Barcelona

Juventus vs Bayern Munich

PSV vs Atletico Madrid

Benfica vs Zenit

Dynamo Kiev vs Manchester City

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