In a bizarre incident in Zurich comedian Lee Nelson has thrown money at FIFA president Sepp Blatter during a press conference.

Sepp Blater was addressing the press conference for fresh presidential elections to be held on February 26, 2016.

In the month of May, just a week before the FIFA presidential elections a morning raid in a luxurious Zurich hotel 14 FIFA officials and marketing personnel were took into custody for being involved in the bribery scandal and cronyism.

After the shameful incident Sep Blatter’s fifth term came under threat, but he managed to win the election with massive mandate for the fifth consecutive time.



Lee Nelson, whose actual name is Simon Brodkin is known for his audacious attempts at accessing secure areas of football. He was almost made onto the Engalnd World Cup squad plane disguising as a character of Bent in 2014.

But, his near successful plot was spoiled at the last minute by the police as police bundled him out from the airport.

Brodkin was also hauled before court in 2013 when he dressed as Bent and managed to get on the pitch with Manchester City players shortly before a game at Goodison Park.

A member of Brodkin’s management was unable to confirm whether the master of disguise had indeed managed to sneak into the conference.

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