Manchester United had one of the best managers ever leading them for more than a decade.

Sir Alex Ferguson, the most effective manager at Old Trafford, won a number of accolades, not just for the number of trophies he won at the club but also for his man management.

Ferguson seemed to know the formula as to how to get every player playing at his best and it worked wonders till he called it quits, a few years ago.

There is a lot to learn from the way he took care of his players and the current club skipper Wayne Rooney has today reveled something interesting about his ways.

The former Manchester United manager was known for his ‘hair dryer treatment’ that angered many players but helped many achieve their potential.

And Rooney has today revealed the only player who did not receive such a treatment.

Speaking to the media recently, United’s top goal scorer revealed that Ferguson knew how he had to get the best of the players and revealed that Portuguese star Nani is the only player to have escaped Ferguson’s wrath.

“Sir Alex was really clever like that.

“He knew who he could have a go at, who it was best to leave alone. He always knew it brought the best out of me. It wouldn’t work with Nani,” said Rooney.

He also went on to explain that Nani was the kind of a player who needed everyone to back him up. He revealed that when the player was shouted at, he seemed to drop his intensity and this was the reason for Ferguson not using his treatment on 30-year old.

Rooney also explained that even at the level that he is in, he is ready to listen to suggestions and that he always tell his teammates to have a go at him if he does something wrong.

“I think you should keep on top of players, keep going at them,” Rooney said.

“I know how I feel. My first thought is, ‘Right, I’ll show you’. I’ve told players with England and Manchester United that just because I’m captain it doesn’t mean they can’t have a go at me.

“I’ve been told I’m not making the right runs. I don’t mind that. Every player has a voice,” he added.

Rooney is currently an important part of the Jose Mourinho’s squad that is finally getting back some players from injury.

Do you think Mourinho needs his own methods to get the best out of this United squad?


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