Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has come to the aid of under-fire Manchester United manager Louis Van Gaal by claiming, Van Gaal does not need to defend his tactics out to media and he is right in focusing on results ahead of the performance.

Wenger went on to add that, if he was facing a similar situation he would do the same to avoid defeat in the game. Van Gaal’s side scored in the last minute of the game through Daley Blind to record a 1-1 draw against West Ham.

Louis Van Gaal was criticised by the West Ham manager Sam Allardyce for being the long-ball team. Allardyce labelled Van Gaal’s team as “long-ball united”. Those remarks prompted the Dutchman to come out and defend his side’s long ball approach to media. Van Gaal, in his next press conference came out with four pieces of A4 pamphlets explaining where United have putting their long balls.

Arsene Wenger felt there was no need on Van Gaal’s part to explain or defend his team’s tactics. At the end it is result what matters and Van Gaal’s side are doing fine sitting at 3rd in the League standing and look firmly in control for Champions League qualification.

Wenger further explained to the media that at times the kind of player on the pitch forces the style of play. When United layers saw Fellaini, their immediate reaction was to throw balls at him as they believed in his aerial abilities and distribution of the long balls.

Wenger explained the scenario keeping Arsenal in context. Wenger highlighted, how Arsenal players know that they have to put crosses in and play aerial balls in to the box when Giroud is playing for Arsenal.

These comments would come as a rather sign of relief for Van Gaal who has been self critical of his side and has claimed they need to improve their playing style and do it quickly if they are win upcoming crucial FA Cup 5th round match against Preston.

Read Arsene Wenger’s entire comments on Van Gaal’s defence of his long-ball tactics:

“There was no reason (for Van Gaal to defend himself),” said Wenger.

“A big club has a responsibility to win and try to win with style – but first try to win.

“I didn’t understand really what the problem was. Man United went a bit longer in the last 10 minutes – I found it completely logical.

“If I am in a game in the last five minutes, we have a free-kick and we have three monsters up front, I do not say ‘play a short ball’.

“A team goes naturally from its strong points and an intelligent team knows how to exploit its strong points.”


Quotes Credits: Mirror


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