What has changed for the Champions in 3 months?

Aakarsh / 03 December 2015

Jose Mourinho is one of the most decorated and respected managers in the football world. He is a manager who tends to get the best out of his players even on a tough day. He is a football genius, one who can outsmart his opponents on and off the field. He is easily the best manager the London club has had since they were established and has taken the team to great heights in the two terms he has been with the club.

More recently he took Chelsea to a brace as he won the Barclays Premier League and the Capital One Cup last season. He accumulated a great squad and bought in genuine match winners who brushed sides away in an impressive season for the Blues. He bought in Diego Costa and Fabregas for the previous season and reaped immediate benefits as both the players linked up pretty well to give the team plenty of goals during the games.

However, the manager was not able to continue the momentum in this season as they have looked terrible in the first 14 games so far. He bought in the likes of Pedro and Falcao in the summer in a hope to increase the depth in the squad but the team seems to have lost the plot and has not been able to string even a single impressive performance this season.

Chelsea sit at 14th place in the Premier League table with 15 points from 14 games. They have lost more games this season already than they did in the whole of last season. They have not been able to score goals and have also looked ordinary in defense. The manager has used all kinds of formations and personnel but has not been able to show the drastic change needed to get their season back on track. In this article we will take a look at what has gone wrong with Chelsea in a matter of 3 to 4 months.

Mourinho loves a side that defends well. He wants his team to defend as a unit and to not give their opponents any chance in front of goal. This has been his biggest problems this season for Chelsea. John Terry, the skipper of the club has looked lethargic at the most so far this season. He is still a superb reader of the game but is losing out on battles due to lack of pace, strength and ariel ability. Cahill and Zouma the other options have not really done enough to replace the skipper.

On the flanks, Ivanovic has been having a nightmare season as he has not been able to either defend well or give Chelsea a helping hand in attacks. The club has no real quality replacements for the full back and has suffered due to his form or rather the lack of it. In mid-field Matic was sensational lasts season as he gave great cover the back four in every game. He was a beast who loved to tackle the opponents and pressure them into losing the ball.

This season, Mourinho has not been able to reply upon him as he has made several mistakes and has not looked as comfortable as he has last season. Mikel and Ramires are the other options for the manager and he will have to use them sensibly to get the best out of the duo. At the other end of the field, Costa and Hazard seem to have lost all their magic of last season as they look just ordinary even against average defenses. Both players are terribly low on confidence and need some good performances under their belt to get back to their best. As already mentioned, Fabreagas, who was instrumental in last season’s triumph has not looked at home and has struggled to create any notable chances from the mid-field.

Willian and Oscar have impressed at times but Chelsea lack any kind of bite up front. Their style of play at times has looked one dimensional and the players have looked devoid of ideas with the ball at their feet. This coupled with the problems at the back have seen Chelsea slump into the bottom half of the table.

The club faces some winnable fixtures before the next transfer window and if the team can knit a result or two together, Mourinho, with the help of the transfer window might just be able to being Chelsea back to the top half of the table but at the moment, even a European place looks hard to achieve for this struggling squad.

Leave your opinion on what Chelsea need to change to get back to where they belong. 

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