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Which Playground Football Rules Would Improve the Premier League?

Football used to be fun in the past. Do you remember when you could play a game of football in the park with your mates? In the absence of a good football to play with, you could make do with a battered leather ball.

Such games were regulated with etiquette, not rules. Rules were nonexistent. The football owner was the all in all. He was the captain, manager, fourth official, and referee.

Your choice of “sportswear” was immaterial. You could play in your jeans or a pair of shorts. It never mattered.

It does indeed look as though football will be played again soon and betting sites have stocked up on plenty of betting offers to keep punters busy. I wonder if your selections would change if the game did consist of some playground football rules?

The regulatory body is considering scrapping VAR and increasing the number of substitutes as parts of its new rules. In view of this, what if you can bring any of your five-a-side or playground “rules” into EPL? Which of these “rules” will you wish to see in professional games?

Some of our suggestions are listed below. You are free to rank them.

1.      Rush Goalie

People rarely volunteered to be the goalkeeper. Thus, goalkeeping was a collective effort of every player on the team.

Otherwise known as fly keeper, rush goalie affords everyone to enjoy the action as a player and as a goalkeeper. You are required to sprint back to goalkeeping duties once your team is dispossessed. This role wasn’t exclusive to a player but rotated.

2.      Penalty Taking was Exclusively Reserved for Goalkeepers

Imagine the excitement when a goalkeeper hits the back of the net. Nothing is more exciting than that.

Imagine if goalkeepers are allowed to take penalties. The surprise and glory will supplement wild jubilations to give players and spectators a memorable experience.

3.      Next Goal is Winning Goal

You may have been playing for hours with a huge margin between the two teams. With this rule, either team can dare to dream without drama. Just score the next goal and your team wins, the previous margin notwithstanding.

4.      One-step Penalties

This is straightforward. Players are not allowed to use any strategy to play penalties. You only take the penalty with a step. The penalty take must be clinical to score the goal, a distinction between a real player and a hopeful who just hits the ball and hopes it beats the goalkeeper.

5.      Jumper for Goalposts

Those who had actual goals in their local parks were lucky. Some merely pile up some T-shirts or other jumpers, placed at equal length apart for goalposts. There were arguments whether the ball actually went into the “post” or off it.

6.      Pay for Playing

Premier League players are multimillionaires who are paid to do their job. Some of us simply pay £3 each to cover the cost of hiring a pitch for our Sunday league and five-a-side game.

Imagine Liverpool players paying Jurgen Klopp for playing at Anfield? You can imagine the amount of money Jordan Henderson will realize for the club on each game day.

7.      No Offside

The no offside rule would have been a good solution to the offside drama these days. Nobody really understands what constitutes offside these days. The no offside rule eliminates the needs for VAR or a linesman.

8.      A Mess-Up Will Get You Out

Five-a-side games can’t be held without this rule. You will be sent out for a wide range of offences. If you are dispossessed by an opponent, you’re out. The same applies if you miss an open goal or if you are nut-megged.  Players are expected to maintain high standards while there are rooms for endless substitutions.

9.      Team Selection was by Captains

Two captains are nominated to select their teams. This ensures fairness. The captains choose their team in turns. Thus, whoever is picked last isn’t good enough. However, some adopt a random selection process. Everyone was given a word or a number. The captains will then call those words or numbers out. Whoever answers to a question or a word automatically becomes the captain’s teammate.

If a team is mercilessly beaten within the first half an hour, it makes no difference as players can switch their teams around. Playground football has no room for loyalty but bragging rights.

10.  You Can Play for Eternity

Playground football ends only when the ball owner is tired, it got too dark, or if the owner went home for food. Thus, you can play for hours on end without a stoppage time.

11.  No Throw-Ins

Without the throw-in rules, players would continue their game after their ball got stuck under a car or went over a fence without throw-ins. It never was in the game plan.

12.  Mandatory and Crazy Celebrations

This is arguably the most important rule. Players must run around the pitch with their shirt over their head while screaming their favorite player’s name after scoring. If you never did this, you didn’t play playground football.

Which of these rules would you like to be introduced into the Premier League?