‘The Special One’ was terminated from his managerial position yesterday after the club announced that the management and Jose have decided to part ways with mutual consent. This news had pretty different reactions over all the football fraternity.

Firstly talking about the Blues, the fans – they seemed devastated. Jose had been the reason behind majority of the club’s glories in the recent years and sacking a winner like him is one of the stupidest things ever the board could do. One totally agrees with the truth that he had a shambolic season this year but that doesn’t change the fact that Jose is one of the most successful managers the world has ever seen.

He’s a genius, a tactical genius. Love him or hate him, you know he’s the best man when it comes to achieving wins, game by game. He is often termed arrogant and rude because of his behavior with the players in the dressing room, but that’s his true self.

That’s Jose being Jose! One HAS to deal with it. However, how sad it may sound, EPL will not see this great personality’s presence for quite some time. His controversial post match presentations will be missed along with his blunt and honest comments. You’d be lying if you say Jose won’t be missed by you.

Next talking about the Arsenal fans- these lot of people were the happiest humans one could find, last day. Nobody hates Jose Mourinho more than a Gooner and it was clearly noticed as soon as the club announced his sacking. Arsenal Twitter erupted into happiness and was seen celebrating his exit. Well, that’s the rivalry evolving in the best form ever and also, banter. Who doesn’t love banter! 

But to my surprise, some of the Gooners showed cringeworthy gestures by stating Jose as ‘A Specialist in failure’, that’s the silliest verdict one could ever hear. Terming Jose as a failure simply shows how unaware the person is about football. Jose Mourinho – “3 leaguetitles, FA Cup, Community Shield and 3 League Cup”. He’s the most successful manager in 110-year history.

And just to reply the Gooners with a legitimate response, Arsene Wenger has won three league titles in 19 and half season in the PL, Jose Mourinho won the same amount in five and a half seasons. Simply proves how legendary the man is.

And finally coming to the last set of fanbase- Manchester United fans. The supporters of MUFC too had a bitter sweet reaction to his sacking. There was one group of supporters who want Jose to take over as the manager when LvG replaces. The reason being, Jose possesses a winner mentality and never settles for anything else. He can make the team perform well if the players are committed to him. Also, Jose is the best candidate United can afford to buy in the current scenario as Carlo Ancelotti has been linked with a move to Bayern Munich and Pep Guardiola is heading to their rivals, Manchester City.

The fans who aren’t in the favour of Jose taking over as the gaffer have spoken about their reasons, too. They believe that it’s too early to appoint him as the manager again after the disappointing season he’s been through. It would be rather risky to make him in charge of the squad since the players too aren’t in form either. And the two of them would make a disaster than a success. The fans totally accept that Jose is a winner and have no single doubts about that, but it’s a better choice to go for Pep or Carlo if the three are up for grab.

I ran a poll last day asking if one would fancy seeing Jose take over as the manager at United in the near future, and the results ended in a 52-48 result with 52% in the favour of a ‘yes’ and the rest in the favour of a ‘no’.

There has been no rumour of Manchester United being linked with Jose as of now but it is very likely that if the English giants approach the former Chelsea manager, he would not reject them. Seeing the odds, Jose is the best United can get unless Real Madrid tries to snatch him away from them. 

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