Ranchi Rays beat Jaypee Punjab Warriors in an exciting match at Hockey India league match at the Astro Turf Stadium at Ranchi today. It was a brilliant performance by both teams. It was watched by full capacity crowd at Ranchi. Ranchi Rays played an excellent game.

In the first quarter of the game Ranchi rays began off to good start. Ranchi Rays earned a penalty corner in the 7th minute. Ashely Jackson hit a shot and Parvinder Singh rebounded the shot to give Ranchi Rays 1-0 lead. Punjab Warriors tried goals but did not succeed. At the end of first quarter it was 1-0 in favor of Ranchi Rays.

In the second quarter Ranchi Rays and Jaypee tried to score goals. In the 10 minute Jaypee Punjab tried a goal but was well saved by Ranchi Rays goalkeeper. In the last 7 seconds of the second quarter Jaypee Punjab Warriors tried a goal but a defense save helped Ranchi Rays. At the end of the second quarter it was 1-0 in favor Ranchi rays.

The first aggressive move in third quarter for Ranchi Rays came in 3:27 minute when they earned a penalty corner. The penalty corner was well saved by the Bharat Chettri. Ranchi Rays tried another goal in 5:37 minute when a reverse flick shot was again well saved. In 6:17 minute Jaypee Punjab earned a penalty corner which was reviewed and the decision stood. The penalty corner went above the goal post. Ranchi Rays tried another goal in 6:48 minute but did not convert the chance into the goal. In 7:56 minute Jaypee Punjab made a good move but were not able to convert the chance. On 11:56 Mandeep Singh missed an open goal. In the last 34 seconds of the third quarter Ranchi Rays earned penalty corner, Birendra Lakra gave a pass to Jackson and converted the corner into a goal to give Ranchi Rays 2-0 lead.

The fourth quarter was an exceptional hockey by both teams. In 1.20 minute Jaypee Punjab Warriors Mazili smashed a goal from the “D” to reduce the gap to 2-1. In 2:26 minute Jaypee Punjab Warriors earned a penalty corner and in 2:45 they earned another penalty corner was but did not succeed. In 3:42 minute Satbir Singh smashed a powerful shot to level to score at 2-2. In 5:22 minute Ranchi Rays made a good move as Prabdheep just deflected the ball from a forcing shot to give Ranchi Rays 3-2 lead. In 8:32 Jaypee Punjab earned another penalty corner, but Ranchi Rays asked for review but the third umpire said that there no reason to change the decision. Jaypee Punjab did not make use of chance.

By this win Ranchi Rays has moved to 29 points, but Jaypee Punjab remained at the top spot because of goal difference.    


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