Bengaluru Bulls trashes Bengal Warriors at Hyderabad in the first match of the day just few hours ago. It was an excellent performance by Bulls. With this win they have jumped to number 2 in points table.  

Both teams started slow but Bengaluru Bulls took an initial lead of 2-1. Rakesh Narwal was declared out as he had empty do or die raid. Bengaluru Bulls earned a touch point in their Do or die raid through Ashsih Chokkar . Manjit Chiller was captured by Deepak in next raid. Rajput in the next do or die raid was tackled and revived their captain Manjit immediately.

Bengal Warriors then had a successful tackle to equal the score at 4-4. Lee earned a point for Bengal Warriors. Ajay Thakur earned a touch point to take lead of 6-5 for Bangalore Bulls Ashish Chokkar earned a touch point. Lad of Bengal Warrors was tackled and caught. Ajay Thakur earned a touch point immediately thereafter Lee earned a touch point to take the score 6-8. Ajay earned a touch point again leaving only 2 players.

Rajput earned a bonus point followed by a super tackle of Ajay Thakur of Bengaluru Bulls for Bengal Warriors to equal the score 9 all in 15th minute. Rajput was tackled in the do or die raid. Manjit touched both players in the tackle bad got BW all out to take BB to 14-9 points just 2 minutes short of half time. Rajesh Mondal of BW was tackled to take BW to 10 points. Ashis Chokkar in the next raid dived under a Bengal Warriors player and touched mid line followed by capture of Lee. Final raid went empty and Bengaluru Bulls led 16-10 at half time.

After break both teams had 2 empty raids from both teams. In the do or die raids Ashish of Bengaluru Bulls and Rajput of Bengal Warriors were tackled each team earning a point each. Ajay Thakur was tackled well by Deepak Kumar to earn 12th point for Bengal Warriors. Vineet Sharma was tackled to earn 18th point for Bengaluru Bulls. Following An empty raid by Lee, Mondal was tackled in his raid to earn 13th point for Bengal Warriors. In the next raids Ajay took a bonus and Lee was declared out in his do or die raid taking BB to 20.

Rajput was tackled and captured fourth time in today’s match to get Bengalaru Bulls their 21st point. Nilesh Shinde had an empty raid followed by Ashish earning a touch point in do or die raid to take Bengalaru Bulls to 22nd point. Manjit earned a touch point leaving only 2 players. NileshShinde earned a touch point to take the score to 23-14 when a technical break was taken. Ajay Thakur had earned 7 touch points and one bonus point out of 14 raids. Manjit Chillar was super tackled to earned 2 points.

Ajay had an empty raid followed by similar empty raid by Vineet of Bengal Warriors. Vineet was tackled by Bengalaru Bulls.  Manjit Chillar was tackled by poorly and in next raid Nilesh was tackled Bengal Warriors got all out for the second time to take BB to 28. Next raid of Ajay Thakur earned 3 points to take Bengaluru Bulls score to 31. Ajay had earned 11 of 17 raid points for BB 5 minutes before final whistle. A time out was taken by Bengal Warriors.

After the break, Rajesh Mondal had empty raid and Manoj Gora a substitute had earned a touch pints to take Bengal Warriors W to 19. Next raid was cancelled and BW awarded a point. Sunil Jaipal earned 2 touch points in next 2 raids. Dharma raja earned a touch point for Bengaluru Bulls Sunil Jaipal was tackled in final raid. Ashish Chokkar was pulled out from the final raid as time was over. Tackle points both had 10 each. Touch point difference of 17 of Bengalaru Bulls vs. 6 of Bengal Warriors contributed for the results. Bengaluru Bulls won 33-22 finally.

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