After unveiling the theme of SBI Bengaluru Midnight marathon, Guest of Honour, Five Time World Champion and 2014 Asian Games Gold Medal winner MC Mary Kom recalled how hard it was to win a Gold at Incheon and spoke on what Indian women are capable of.

Mary Kom said it was tough to return to training after her surgery during the delivery of her third son Prince. “But I worked hard with the help of my coach Lenin after I moved from Pune to Delhi. I was surprised to see that my fitness levels at the Asian Games were much better than during the London Games. We worked out for four hours a day. My opponents in the earlier rounds were not that good so I had it easy. But it was different in the final and it was tough. I got the better of her only in the third and fourth rounds. When I set out I was not expecting a medal but I wanted to give my best.”

On her statement on underestimating women, Mary Kom raised her voice and said not to underestimate women. “I started boxing at a time when girls in my village were looked down upon and ridiculed. I used to get angry hearing this. I told myself that I’m also a human being and I can achieve too. Then the boom, boom, boom started. No girl should be looked down upon. Don’t talk bad about girls. I’ve done my bit to improve their condition. And probably after the movie the whole country knows me. I’m happy to be a role model for all girls and mothers. My neighbours, family members and even my dad were not convinced. Only my husband stood by me. So if I can comeback after giving birth to three children why can’t you?” she asked.

Mary Kom also hinted that she would probably take an extended break before starting ‘Mission Rio’ as she said “That is the only challenge remaining for me – gold at the Rio Olympics – I’m determined to do win that. I’m recovering from a few niggles including a hamstring injury so I haven’t decided anything about the World Championship.”


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