The Nehru Trophy Boat Race, the most bright water brandish in Kerala, is directed at PUNNAMADA LAKE in Alappuzha on the second Saturday of August consistently and this prestigious social occasion of Kerala has been pulling in individuals from everywhere throughout the world. Nehru Trophy Boat Race is a celebration for the populace of Alappuzha. Despite the fact that it is a festival,what stands separated is the sportive soul among the members of the race.

Enjoy Kerala Boat Race

Despite the fact that endless number of watercraft races are held in Kuttanad and a few sections of Alappuza consistently, Nehru Trophy Boat race is a class of its own and has picked up a prevalence that no other vessel race in Kerala can brag of.

The trophy named ‘NEHRU TROPHY’ is honored to the victor of the pontoon race.The trophy is a reproduction of a snake-vessel in silver, put on wooden math device on which the accompanying expressions of Punditji are recorded over his mark.

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Different Type Vallams for Race


The watercrafts of Kerala are sorted and named according to their shapes, sizes and purposes. The Chundaanvallam is purported as a result of its pointed front. The term snake watercraft shows the state of the stern which looks like the raised hood of a snake. The front end of this sort of pontoon will be decreasing fit as a fiddle and the backside will be exceedingly lifted from the water level. It has a length of around 60-65 meters and an ability to extend a hundred to hundred and ten individuals amid a race. The stern is grandly caparisoned and enriched with a banner and metal decorations. Smooth parasols are exhibited along the whole length of the watercraft. There will be right around 95 rower, 5 Amarakkar (Controllers) and 10 “Nilakkar” (persons expected to improve the force and eagerness of the partaking rower). It has the similarity of a snake, while propelling in a rival and consequently got to be well known as snake watercrafts. These watercrafts were the customary fight vessels of Kerala.


The Race Boats “churulan vallams” are pontoons having an ability to acommodate around 45 persons and are composed as traveler boats.The finishes of these sorts of vessels are formed as a Circular ring (Churul in Malayalam).


“Vaipu” vallams are pontoons having a traveler limit of around 40-45 persons. One end of the pontoon is constantly higher than the flip side. These pontoons were initially intended to plan nourishment for alternate vessels amid war .


Iruttukuthy or Odi kind of pontoons are intended for transportation amid the night. The state of the watercraft is suitable for expedient voyage. The width of the watercraft is so outlined as to dodge grating with water while moving. In past days these vessels should be utilized for robbery meets expectations.


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