Sepak Takraw- New for the Indians

Pavan Suresh / 03 January 2015

Sepak Takraw which is played with foot and head was a brand new game for the Indian crowd when the super series tournament was held in New Delhi from The Indian crowd was behind the men’s team.

A match is played by two regus (teams), each consisting of three players.

One of the three players shall be at the back; he is called a “Tekong”. The other two players shall be in front, one on the left and the other on the right. The player on the left is called a “Left Inside” and the player on the right is called a “Right Inside.

I think the crowds during the Indians matches were great and after each point they were supporting each other. The 16 year old akash’s performance was brilliant. The India’s men team finished 3rd that is commendable. The role of tekong is very important. The throws in this game should be perfect. The Indians must focus on building strength and stamina on their legs.

The three players must have team spirit which is necessary in this game. There are 5 sets in all. It is a regualr feature in Asian games. Apart from India, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam play this game. In this game blocking and putting the blocker off target is very crucial. This is the first time that an International tournament of Sepak Takraw was held in India.

I was impressed by the way the Indians played and with the nosier crowd  it showed with lot of practice India can be top 3 nations in this. In the stadium there were all kinds of people be it young or old.

The top 3 teams in the world are Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia in men’s category. I think new games like this will help the Indians to know what the game is all about. As an audience it is an interesting one to watch because the quickness it requires is great but the best team in the tournament in Asia was Malaysia because of its speed, agility and accuracy to fool the opponents and get a point. Each game consists of 15 points. If asked an Indian fan they would just enjoy the game and give cheers, back the Indian team.

The ability to kick and serve is the best way to get points. I think the Indian women team should practice more. I think the International seapak Taraw federation must focus on bringing this game to different parts of country of India so that the people of India can play this game. Like other games this game can be a success in India. In other parts of Asia this game is popular. The ball is light weight but needs to hit with power and precision. 

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