Tania Sachdev, the Arjuna awardee Grand Master woman chess player has still not been come over the mental stress of Paris Tragedy, the horrible gunmen invasion that occurred in the French capital last week.

Tania Sachdev is now in Kolkata to participate in the Premier Women’s Chess championship. She, speaking on the Paris blast, said on Tuesday, “I cannot still think about such a crushing incident. I have travelled to Paris several times. I went to the city last year to participate in a championship. And having heard about the dreadful incident, I was also getting highly anxious about my some of my French women chess player friends.”

Tania who is not being able to show her best in the ongoing championship in Kolkata, being placed at the 12th position so far, however added saying, “Due to some physical strain I am not being able to perform according to my satisfaction. But I must come back within the next six rounds.”


Commenting on Viswanathan Anand’s poor ongoing form, Tania explained, “Anand will come back. We have to be patient for that.” Magnus Carlsen is her most favorite chess player.

And according to Tania, Carlsen is a genius. And commenting on her aim, Tania Sachdev clarified that despite the fact that her present ELO rating is 2413, she wants to take it to at least 2700 by the end of next year.

And in a bid to reach her goal Tania revealed she has increased meditation time. “Only by doing meditation you can increase your concentration and perform better in the game,” said Tania who also along with playing gets busy in doing modeling.


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