Telegu Titans beat Bengal Warriors by 44-28 at Hyderabad just few moments ago. It was a great performance by Telegu Titans defense and attack too. Telegu Titans never allowed Bengal Warriors a chance in the game.  

Telegu Titans were on top right from the beginning. They got Bengal Warriors all out in sixth minute itself and TT led 12-4. Rahul Chowdhary and Deepak Hooda ( both in raids & defense) were the key players respectively for Telegu Titans.  Lee earned a touch and 5th point in 9th minute. Deepak Hooda was tackled well to earn a point for Bengal Warriors . In a do or die raid Dinesh Kumar of Bengal Warriors was tackled and captured. Deepak hood was pushed out by Shyam in his next raid to earn 7th point for Bengal Warriors.

Rahul Chowdhary earned a touch point to take Telegu Titans to 18. Rajput was tackled by a good effort of Deepak Huda. Miraj earned a touch point and then Telegu Titans tackled Lee, followed by another touch point and again last man Nilesh was tackled and Bengal Warriors were all out for the second time taking Telegu Titans to a formidable lead of 25-8. Another 2 touch points after all out for Telegu Titans took their score at half time to 27-9. By half time Deepak had earned 3 raid points and 4 defense point. Rajput had earned 4 touch points for Bengal Warriors.

In the first raid after Vineet Sharma of Bengal Warriors was tackled. Rajput reached mid line earning 2 points in the next raid. Sukesh had an empty do or die raid giving 12th point to Bengal Warriors. Vineet was grabbed in do or die raid giving Telegu Titans 30th point and Deepak Huda earned a touch point taking tally to 31. 


In the next raid Rajput earned again 2 points by escaping from Huda and other player. Vineet was captured well. Lee earned a touch point to reduce the gap to 15-33 but was tackled in next raid to get Telegu Titans 34th point.Sukesh earned a bonus point in the raid. Rajput earned a touch point in his raid. Vineet a succeeded slipping out of Huda’s grip. Sukesh Hegde also earned similar point slipping out of defenders tackle. Rajput earned 10 out of 14 raid points for BW but in contradiction was Vineet succeeding only once out of 10 raids. Sukesh earned a bonus point in next raid to take Telegu Titans to 37.

In the video referral by Telegu Titans against raider giving out as they felt Vineet was pushed out. Decision went in favor of Bengal Warriors. BW’s video review against Rahul Chowdhary’s super raid failed a Telegu Titans earned 3 points to take Telegu Titans to 40-20 lead. Immediately thereafter vineet was tackle. Rajput earned 3 tackle points in the next super raid to take Bengal Warrior  to 25.

Sukesh Hegde slipped under the tackling members and earned 2 points. Next Vineet was tackled and Telegu Titans reached 44. Lee earned 3 touch points in next 2 raids again. Finally Telegu Titans earned an emphatic win over Bengal warrior by 44-28. The difference of 16 tackle points of Telegu Titans compared to 4 of Bengal Warriors made the key difference for the result of the day.

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