Vishy Anand is now a planet

Shashi / 02 April 2015

Arguably one of the most intelligent minds of Indian sports now has a never dying crown in his feather. 453 Vishyanand, The name of the planet name after Vishwanathan Anand lies is in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, It is no more than a speck of dust but is something to be proud of said the Indian Grandmaster.

The planet was named on the 1st of April by Michael Rudenko who is a Committee member at the Minor Planet center. The name of the planet is usually named after the discoverer and if un-named for 10 years is name by the committee.

The date of the naming had Anand believing it was a prank until he actually read it on the site. Rudenko said that he named the planet that way because of the greatest passions in his life namely astronomy and chess which incidentally tend to be what Anand is interested in.

Anand who took the aid of an ‘ITelescope’ said that it was hard to say that he actually located it but that he knows where exactly it lies. His interest in astronomy at a very young age ensured that he was happy with looking at the planet named after him.

Anand went on to say how astronomy is so intriguing and that it always shows up something new. He also added that though he was into astronomy it is chess that he loves. And it showed when he dominated the world of chess from 2007 to 2013. Anand stood the undisputed champion till 2013 from 2007 before losing to Carlsen, at Chennai.

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