WWE's Sunil Singh Blasted Over Representing Indian Community

WWE Star Sunil Singh Gets Blasted For Representing Indian Community

courtesy WWE

Samir and Sunil Singh proudly represent the Indian culture on WWE TV. Before debuting on the main roster, they used to call themselves the Bollywood Boyz which is a gimmick innovated to showcase the movie entertainment business from the subcontinent. Later, they transformed into the Singh Brothers to let know that they belong to the Punjabi Sikh community.

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As they continue to showcase their culture be it on TV or in social media, some people always find disputes on how they should have acted. In one such instance, a person took shots on Sunil Singh over his passion to his concerned religion. But the former 24/7 Champion fired back at him in the right way.

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Sunil Singh and his wife celebrated the birth of their son Gurveer Singh Sihra on December 13th. The one-half of the Singh Brothers then wanted to share something very special. He posted picture of the little baby with a Kara around his wrist. He also explained how much this symbol of Kara means to his culture. Here is his below statement,

“It’s a beautiful sight to see my son wear a Gold ‘Kara’.

In Sikhism, a Kara is a symbol of unbreakable attachment and commitment to God.

It is in the shape of a circle which has no beginning and no end, like the eternal nature of God.”

A fan took offense in this and lashed out at Sunil Singh blaming him saying that people like him claim to be true worshippers of their culture but they cut their hair to serve in the entertainment business. They also left India for their own career’s sake which is not a good thing, either. Sunil Singh noted this and decided to vent out frustrations on the fan with the following comments,

“People like us?”

“Entertainment business” aside, “People like us” are proud to represent our culture/religion throughout the world. We get so much love for it.

Our parents immigrated from India to Canada, and their sons are living the dream in America.

We win.

Sit down.”


This honest reply should teach certain fans how to behave on social media and mind their own business. They should not react to how a superstar would portray himself or herself on TV or real-life. Unnecessary negative opinions or trolls from the IWC is not a good thing, at all. It needs to be stopped at the earliest. Sunil Singh defended it in a great way which must be followed by superstars who have their own way to represent their cultures.