WWE News: Daniel Bryan Competed Against Shelton Benjamin On SD

WWE News: Daniel Bryan Competed Against Shelton Benjamin on Smackdown

Daniel Bryan

WWE Universe was unhappy for not seeing Daniel Bryan on Smackdown last week. He is the biggest name on the roster even after AJ Styles is the current WWE Champion. This man is the most organically popular superstar of this generation. So there’s no shortage in demand for him.

We expected Daniel Bryan to be back on Smackdown this week to hype-up his MITB matchup. He will face Big Cass in a one-on-one contest at the upcoming PPV.

So there was no way he was going to miss the chance of firing back to his opponent. We received a bonus when the GM booked him in a match.

Shelton Benjamin took a jab on Daniel Bryan on Twitter. Bryan claimed to be a hard-worker which was declined by him. Benjamin addressed himself to be a hard worker. He worked around the globe to become a multi-time champion across different promotions.

Paige handed him a chance to prove his in-ring quality on Smackdown. He received a chance against the best talent available on the roster in the form of Daniel Bryan.

Benjamin too did not lose his veteran instincts either. It is why the match turned out to be solid. The action between them was back and forth throughout.

Daniel Bryan started the match with a running shot on Benjamin. He went straight to lock in the YES lock on his opponent. But Benjamin backed down going outside of the ring. The heel superstar came up with a good strategy by targeting the thigh of Bryan.

He locked a half crab on Bryan to wear down the legs. But he soon encountered with a dragon screw into the legs of Benjamin. This set up for his new submission move. We also saw a few YES kicks to the Benjamin.

Daniel Bryan set Benjamin up for a top rope move. But Benjamin escaped the hold sliding under the legs. He delivered a superplex on Bryan to put him down. The Half-crab was right back again. But Bryan backfired this time by reversing the hold into a heel-hook.

It is the new move that he is using after coming back from retirement. Benjamin had no choice but to tap out to his opponent. The Yes movement gathered the needed momentums for the MITB PPV event with this win.