WWE Smackdown preview (17/09/19): New day-FTRKO, KOTR coronation
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WWE Smackdown Preview (17/09/19): New Day vs. FTRKO, King Of The Ring Coronation

Most of the champions on SmackDown have retained their titles at the bygone pay-per-view event of Clash of Champions. It leads us to believe that whether there will be new title match storylines heading into the next big WWE Network special on October 6th. It will mark the return of Hell in a Cell which is one of the most popular gimmick-based show in WWE programming.

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Kofi Kingston is still the reigning WWE Champion of SmackDown who has defeated Randy Orton for the first time in his career. Now he is looking forward to going into a new championship rivalry. Women’s champion Bayley has also managed to escape Charlotte’s challenge and may get a new challenger. Meanwhile, Roman Reigns has suffered a devastating loss at the PPV as he will look forward to making a comeback when Smackdown airs tonight from the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia.

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The rivalry between Kofi Kingston and Randy Orton has been a decade long thing. After hearing enough of ‘Stupid’ from the Viper, Kofi was finally able to put away the Viper in a clean pinfall win. After this big accolade of pinning the 13-time world champion, Kofi is looking forward to having a new opponent for the WWE Championship. But there may also be the case where WWE officials would want to extend the feud between these two. In that case, we may get a Hell in a Cell match between them from the SmackDown brand. As per the current ads, Kofi will team up with New Day buddies to take on FTRKO members hinting the feud may just continue.

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A grand celebration will be there on Smackdown in honor of King Corbin as updated by WWE.com,

“All hail King Corbin! Baron Corbin remained confident throughout the King of the Ring tournament, foreshadowing his eventual reign by donning the crown after winning each of his matchups. On SmackDown LIVE, it becomes official, as the coronation of Baron Corbin takes place following his defeat of the underdog challenger Chad Gable. Will Corbin begin his rule with a modest celebration, or will The Lone Wolf deliver the pomp and circumstance fit for true royalty?”

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Harper made the biggest impact by returning at Clash of Champions. This was one of those comebacks which no one saw coming surprising the fans, completely. If that’s not it then he went right after the poster boy of the company, Roman Reigns to garner the maximum attention from all around the social media.

The Big Dog was lying in the middle of the ring after suffering the merciless attack by Rowan and Harper at Clash of Champion. The original guess was that Daniel Bryan may just arrive on the scene and reveal that he was the master-mind. But Rowan has surely closed the chapter with Daniel Bryan and looking forward to reuniting with his former Bludgeon Brothers. We’ll find out on SmackDown whether Roman Reigns can seek payback of this new team.

Speaking of this duo, Rowan and Harper were perhaps the most intimidating superstars when they first arrived as a team in the scene. Injuries forced them to relinquish the tag team titles. But their comeback as a combined force will not be news of relief for the new tag champs on SmackDown, The Revival.

In the SmackDown Women’s Championship scenario, Bayley had a successful title defense at Clash Of Champions. She sent Charlotte Flair into the exposed turnbuckle to get have the pinfall win and get rid of the Queen in her hometown. We hope the feud between the two Four-Horsewomen members is over. Or else, Bayley will have a tough test waiting for her at Hell in a Cell in a rematch against The Queen. Once again.