PV Sindhu

The Indians could have not asked for anything better from an Indian player participating in Rio Olympics 2016 which was otherwise going quite dull and dusted for the Indian contingent. Everybody participating in the 16 days long sports jamboree dreams of winning that gold plated substance to be hanged around their neck which they can wear proudly like a bling.

Pusarla Venkata Sindhu won us a silver medal which was of more importance than the Gold plated substance as no one expected a medal from her.

It was Saina Nehwal who was on the tips of people to bring a medal but Sindhu turned the air in her favour thus creating a history by becoming first Indian women to win a silver medal in 120 years of Olympics history.

Earlier, Sakshi Malik, the freestyle boxer saved India from repeating the instance that happened in 1992 i.e. a complete wash out in Olympics. Sindhu added another feather to the cap of India by winning the silver medal.

She assured us of a silver medal the day before the final by defeating Nozomi Okuhara of Japan in two straight games. The second game of this match was a delight to watch as Sindhu took a long stride from 10 points to 21 points without conceding even a single point. It was an eleven consecutive ‘YES’ for Sindhu.

Yesterday she was up against the number 1 of the world, Carolina Marin who surpassed Sindhu. Sindhu won the first set after trailing at the start but lost the second and third set. The match between the two was the one that is played once in ages as long rallies and extra efforts put in both the players forced the fans to chew the nails to the knuckles. It was Marin who screamed her way to a win.

One of the biggest difficulties faced by Sindhu was that Carolina Marin is a left-hander and Sindhu was not able to accommodate herself according to that. Same was the issue with Marin but she dealt with it faster than Sindhu.

Sindhu though missed the gold plated medal by an inch but she had already won the hearts of Indians as before the start of the game, no one really expected a medal from her in this category as all the hopes were on Saina. Saina crashed out early primarily due to an injury for which she will undergo a surgery soon.

Earlier in the history of India, we have only seen cricketers getting this type of limelight but Sindhu turned the cards. In fact, the news channel continued a special show on Sindhu till the next morning, which is a big achievement for her.

People waiting at central park, Delhi from 4 P.M. in the evening standing in front of the mega screen waiting for Sindhu’s match were the scenes here. It is a true indicator that what Sindhu’s success means to the nation and its people.

Soon after the match the President of India, Prime minister of India, the sports minister all congratulated her for this achievement and appreciated her for her heroics on the Brazil soil.

Sindhu has already registered her name in the Indian history books which will an inspiration for all the girls of upcoming generation whether in the field of sports or any other field. It teaches us that there is no short cut to success; hard work is what matters to achieve big targets in life.

To end with, it will be unfair not to mention the role the guide, teacher and coach of PV Sindhu, Pullela Gopichand, who turned Sindhu into an aggressive player to deal with a heavy attack on the field. He deserves equal applause for his contribution to Indian badminton. Surely he will produce many more players who will bring glory to the nation in more sports events to come.

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