Trouble for Arsenal, Chelsea and Leicester as EPL rocked with Doping scandal

Aakarsh / 03 April 2016

The Sunday Times dropped a big bomb on the World of Football today as its headlines held ‘The Doping Scandal’ in bright red.

It was revealed that the newspaper spoke to a British doctor who claims to have helped dope players from all over the sporting world.

It is understood that Dr Mark Bonar has been captured telling undercover reporters that he has prescribed performance-enhancing drugs to 150 elite sportsmen

The headline read that the Doctor doped up to 150 sports stars and quoted ‘Premier League footballers, an England cricketer, British Tour de France cyclists, a boxing champion and Tennis players are among his clients.

Bonar is employed at the Omniya clinic in London as an anti-aging doctor and has denied doping any sportsmen to enhance their performance.

“The fact that some of my patients happened to be professional athletes is irrelevant. If they have proven deficiencies on blood work and are symptomatic, I will treat them,” he told the Times.

When it comes to the Premier League, the reported listed the names of the clubs whose players were involved – Arsenal, Chelsea, Leicester and Birmingham City – but the names of the players were not listed in the report.

Naming the Premier League clubs in the report has already stained the reputation of those clubs but it is unclear whether the players who are accused are currently playing for the team.

This scandal comes at the back of the recent story surrounding successful tennis star Maria Sharapova and is sure to dent the image of sports across the world.

As a matter of fact, It is still unclear if these claims are true and hard evidence is still to be produced but the very scandal will surely rock the world of sport.

United Kingdom’s anti-doping watchdog  dismissed the evidence, saying it was of “little or no value,” and that there was “no grounds” for action to be taken against the doctor.