Every time a successful match is measured by the story, climax, action, suspense etc. but the anticipation is always built up by the entrance of a wrestler because it manages to create an impact on the fans. Even a lot of blueprints go by in these entrances to make things 100 percent perfect for a match but sometimes things do not go according to the plan. These botched moments make us laugh sometimes and sometimes it’s scary. Let’s take a look at some of those awkward moments.

Melina’s Entrance Survivor Series 2007

WWE diva Melina’s split legged entrance was always a treat to watch for the fans. However, it went all wrong during her entrance at Survivor Series 2007 when she slipped while doing the move.


Sin Cara’s Entrance

Sin Cara amazed the world when he debuted. He used to run and enter the ring above the top rope which was even more amusing. But later it was revealed WWE used a trampoline to propel him into the ring and things backfired for him. Later he quit that entrance.


Shawn Michaels RAW 2005

Shawn Michaels always used to wear heavy ring gears while making the entrance. However, it went terribly wrong in a match against Edge on Raw 2005 as the attire was stuck in the ramp and Michaels had to shed his extra stuff there so that he could walk properly again.


Jeff Hardy Smackdown 2008

Jeff hardy’s entrance was always cool with the pyros playing in the background. However, it went terribly wrong on one episode of Smackdown when he appeared to be a guest on the Cutting Edge show. Hardy went burnt by the pyro and went down immediately by pain.


Undertaker Elimination Chamber 2010

Perhaps the most dramatic entrance in WWE is of the Undertaker’s. The lights go off and the Phenome comes out giving a chilling moment to the fans. At the Elimination Chamber, 2010 things went terribly wrong when Taker was burnt badly on his own pyro. He had first and second-degree burns in his body but despite this he went on finishing off the match. This is why he is considered a legend in the business as he did not allow any changes whatsoever in the match after that incident.


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