Right now WWE’s autopilot has left us with a number of questions with the seven matches they have in the Hell in a Cell PPV in which six we have already seen in PPV or RAW main event. And that will go for Cena’s US open Challenge too if someone familiar answers the challenge. Though rematches are not bad to take a feud further it continues to make the ratings fall consistently which is not a good sign  for WWE given that the ratings are all time low as of now. Hopefully, Sunday’s PPV will solve the issue as the company will start to build for the next PPV Survivor Series. So what are the questions that need to be answered?


Who will answer Cena’s Open Challenge and will he leave with the title?

Since Wrestlemania 31 one segment on RAW has been consistently interesting and that is Cena’s US open challenge where one unannounced superstar will take on Cena for the title. And we have seen stars like Cesaro, Ziggler, Ambrose, Sami Zayn. The fun thing was the mystery kept till the last point of the match and it continues tonight too. A number superstars from the main roster may end up accepting the challenge while WWE can choose a returning superstar to create a hype afterwards. But the question does not end here. Cena is about to take his time off after tonight so he is likely to drop the title but at the same time he is been advertised to defend his US title when he returns in the month of December which creates a lot of confusion. Will Cena then leave with the title making it sitting in home for almost two months? Though there is a third option to retain the title and drop it in the next night on RAW it would make more sense if it happens tonight.


Will this be Nikki Bella’s last brush with the belt?

This answer should be yes which may not sound good to Nikki Bella fans. But the Divas’ title is certainly about the future and not abou the past and The Bellas certainly represents the past. After Nikki Bella erased that dastardly AJ Lee from WWE record books as the longest reigning Divas champion she finally lost the title to Charlotte. If truth be told Charlotte should win the title on the last RAW before Night of Champions. But that did not happen only to give Nikki the record and now she is getting her mandatory rematch where we should get a clean win for Charlotte as she advances to focus on her next opponent as Nikki puts a little distance between herself and the title after 11 long months. But sadly we may end up with Paige interfering the match to make this a DQ and creating a Triple Threat match at Survivor Series.

Will the Dudleyz finally be able to counter Xavier Woods?

We have seen this match before at Night of champions and the live event at Madison Square Garden. Twice we saw the same thing as the Dudleyz were about to pin the champions Xavier Woods interfered to make the match a disqualification. Will this time the Dudleyz finally will be able to stop that big mouth? Though Woods was not at ringside this past Smackdown as he was put through a table on last Monday night. He will be ringside for sure as he’s been facing no special stipulation for his previous interference actions. Will there be Spike Dudley to match the number games with the New Day? This is a question too.


Will Rollins finally be able to outsmart Kane?

Though Demon Kane has been a nightmare since his return at Night Of Champions it’s quite safe to say that we won’t see Demon Kane as champion on RAW. But the question remains, will we be able to see Corporate Kane on RAW? The stipulation we’re having is if Rollins defeat Kane then Corporate Kane will be relieved of his duties which are quite convincing that we won’t see him ever again. And will Rollins be able to defeat Kane without any outside help? He has booked as a chicken champion since he’s been the champion at WrestleMania. He should be given the chance to show himself as a tremendous performer that he is tonight.


Brock or Taker? Will there be blood inside the Cell?

Undertaker has never been able to beat Brock Lesnar one-on-one until it was last Summerslam. And immediately after Summerslam this final conflict was scheduled to headline next year’s WrestleMania but we are getting the conclusion early tonight. We don’t dare to predict this one though chances are likely to be Brock come up as victorious as he will have more appearance in recent months whereas Taker is likely to return only before the Wrestlemania season comes around in his home state of Texas.

But both logic and reasoning may fail as the final call comes from the Boss Vince Mcmohan himself. Though it may seem quite odd to ask for a bloody match in this PG era, things may turn out to be like that as to pull up the ratings. Last time these two collided inside a cell was a fully bloody match, but that was back then in 2002. Will we see it again? Will we see the end with a twist? And is someone scheduled to return? We have to wait till tonight’s mega-event.

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