5 possible Wrestlemania matches for AJ Styles: “The phenomenal one”

Arindam Paul / 28 January 2016

After 14 long years, AJ Styles had finally returned to WWE after taking long professional tours around the globe. He entered at the number 3 spot at the Royal Rumble match to receive one of the hugest pops in the history. “The phenomenal one” is back in WWE as a full-time performer and would love to make a great impact on the crowd as a fan favorite.

WWE will recover some of his lost star powers due to injury with the presence of Styles as we are heading towards Wrestlemania. AJ’s craze is so much that his available merchandise was sold out within a day. With a list of talents in the locker room, it will be interesting to see who WWE choose to face AJ Styles at the grandest stage of them all. Here are the 5 possible options.


Chris Jericho

Since his arrival AJ has started his singles competition by facing Chris Jericho. If WWE goes with the plan to turn Jericho heel once again and to make avail the best evil out of him to let AJ have a huge pop, then they would probably go with the veteran as his opponent. They both have in ring chemistry with each other as we have seen and hopefully Jericho will take out the best out of AJ for sure.


Dean Ambrose

Ambrose had a tremendous night at Royal Rumble after successfully defending his title at the last man standing match. Though he is in the triple threat match at Fastlane to determine the no.1 contender for WWE title, he is likely not the one who will come out as victorious. AJ Styles may very well then challenge him for the US title and eventually they will meet at Wrestlemania. AJ can win his very first singles championship at WWE at the grandest stage. Providing the talents they are, they will deliver it big time undeniably.

Kevin Owens

Styles’ return at the Rumble match has lasted only for 28 minutes and the reason was Kevin Owens. Somehow, somewhere this feud is stored in the way. They both are incredible between the ropes and needs just smart booking to headline it to Wrsetlemania. A competitor like Owens too needs a heavyweight to make up his loss to Ambrose.



Ever since Sheamus has lost the WWE title he had a ton steam stored and now that Triple H is back and that too with the title Sheamus as a part of the authority will not get the spotlight. A feud with AJ Styles can give a new direction to the otherwise stagnant career of Sheamus. His brawling style will certainly match with Aj’s high energy moves. AJ will have his momentum going with the first win at Wrestlemania against the former champion. Only a real good storyline is needed to back the potential of the feud.


Dolph Ziggler

As a competitor, Ziggler is tremendous and became veteran after spending almost a decade in this business but thanks to the WWE creative who has stored nothing for the former WWE world heavyweight champion but some mid card matches. A feud between the show-off and the phenomenal one will benefit both of them eventually. Ziggler should turn heel to attack Styles over some solid reason like stealing the show from the show-off itself. The rivalry has all the potential to make the headline and once again the only needed thing is some solid thoughtful bookings for them.

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