Analyzing the Miracle on 34th Street Fight between Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose

Jeet / 23 December 2014

In this match, Bray Wyatt defeated Dean Ambrose. It was a superb match, this match is a gem for Monday Night Raw history. The two athletes showed how good they actually are. We do not know if this feud would continue after this (it looked like it would go on for a little while more) but till now it has been very good. The storyline of the feud might not be very strong, but the matches it was filled by, especially the last two make this feud really worthy of time.

The stipulation of the match was just a Street Fight, but it was way more than you can expect. There were professional wrestling weapons which really created some jaw dropping moments. The two athletes really put their bodies on the line, they really deserved to be praised. The match was not completely dominated by either side, but comparatively Dean Ambrose was a little better than Bray Wyatt.

Before his Miracle on 34th Street Fight against Dean Ambrose, Bray Wyatt claimed that safety was an illusion. Despite an ultimate victory, that sentiment, apparently, extended to his own well-being. The Lunatic Fringe came bearing the gift of pain and was not shy about unloading his agonizing variety of stocking stuffers against The Eater of Worlds in the latest chapter of WWE’s most bonkers rivalry in years.

While Ambrose was his usual, maniacal self (though he understandably stopped short of weaponing a TV), positioning Wyatt on a table for a wreath-draped elbow dropped, Wyatt certainly stepped up his own madness in the face of the former U.S. Champion. The Eater of Worlds tossed Ambrose through a table of (cue Arnold Schwarzenegger voice) cookies and hurled him face-first through a pair of Christmas trees.

A thwacking from a candy-striped Kendo stick seemed to jar Ambrose out of his stupor, and he roared back into the advantage with a clothesline that flattened Wyatt to the mat. He followed with a chair-assisted elbow drop that added salt to the wound. It was a face-first trip into Kendo stick wedged into the turnbuckle that spelled Ambrose’s ultimate doom, though The Lunatic Fringe got immediate payback for his loss by finally dropping that elbow on The Eater of Worlds through the table. There was no wreath around his neck, but it was a nice cherry on top.

We think this match should have been won by Dean Ambrose. This was something really bad of WWE, they let John Cena to pick up two victories out of three matches over Bray Wyatt, but nothing for Dean Ambrose at all. Ambrose lost to Seth Rollins back to back, now back to back defeats against Bray Wyatt. This was a very bad decision. Dean Ambrose should have been allowed at least one victory over Bray Wyatt.

In this match, they performed really excellent. Bray Wyatt pinned Dean Ambrose with his Sister Abigail finishing maneuver. After the match, Dean Ambrose attacked Bray Wyatt again. He crushed Wyatt’s body through a table. Wyatt was out cold, Dean Ambrose lied on the broken table smiling as the show went off air.


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