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Reigns is scheduled to vow his revenge on Triple H

Roman Reigns has been off from TV since he faced the brutal attack from Triple H on RAW two weeks ago. After the Cerebral Assassin handed him the punishment and thrashed his face on the commentary table he had to undergo surgery according to to fix his nose. First it was thought that the injury was part of the storyline but as things have unfolded it sounds that it may be one legit.

Now, if you are part of the Roman Empire then you must be concerned about Reigns’ absence on WWE television this week. But, you don’t have to wait long as the Samoan Superstar is scheduled to return on RAW this coming week from Chicago. And, that will follow in the subsequent shows that will lead to the Wrestlemania.


Backstage update on Roman Reigns’ return says, Roman Reigns is not being advertised for the March 14th RAW from Pittsburg, which will also see Shane Mcmahon’s appearance. Reigns will also make his Smackdown appearance on March 22nd, from Boston which will also feature the big name, Brock Lesnar.

He was not previously scheduled for the Chicago RAW but according to Wrestling Observer’s report that thought was put to rest with WWE’s official announcement coming on its website and Reigns would indeed be in Chicago, a venue well-known for a boisterous crowd.

But, the doubts remain with Roman’s acceptance to the crowd because it’s given that he will be welcomed with huge boos from the Chicago crowd. And, that was the apparent reason for what Reigns was written off from TV. But, WWE is not in the mood at all to listen to the fans and the vocal Chicago would not be able to change that.

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