Big surprise names are set to enter the Royal Rumble match

Arindam Paul / 19 January 2016

Just six days away from the Royal Rumble match and the rumor mill is running rampant with some huge possible returns in the event where for the first time the champion Roman Reigns is set to defend his title against 29 other names.

One of the favorite names for return is Triple H. He is out of action without any storyline since he got mold by Reigns at the TLC PPV with a keyfabe injury. The brutal beat down of Reigns definitely makes the COO of the company one of the hot favorite for the main event.

The interesting names that have been added to the rumors are that of Daniel Bryan and the Undertaker.


In recent weeks, Daniel Bryan was seen putting some extra effort in the gym which is a hint of his in-ring return after a long hiatus of almost 10 months. Irrespective of WWE barring him from returning, the recent rumors of him being released were squashed, a Daniel Bryan return isn’t a long shot considering the absence of big names due to injuries.

Out of action is John Cena, which makes WWE turn their attention to the most loyal employee in the history of the company i.e. The Undertaker. The Phenome was last seen in a Rumble match in 2010 and the set up to book him properly for the Wrestlemania main event would be started from the surprise return.

The scenario is that Taker would be eliminated by a star, whom he will likely to face at Wrestlemania 32.  The other noteworthy names are that of AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Finn Balor, Randy Orton etc.


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