WWE Universe has been waiting for Daniel Bryan’s return since last 8 months and looking it as just a matter of time. But the case is not exactly the same because the much-anticipated return may not happen ever again.

According to the Wrestling News, WWE’s head doctor Joseph Maroon had advised him to never step inside the squared circle ever again. The reason behind this is Bryan’s unfortunate history with neck concussions which had troubled him throughout his career.

Though Bryan has shown frustrations on WWE earlier for not being able to return in the ring and wrestle in spite of the fact that his personal doctor had given him the green signal with the same issue.

Here comes the problem with The Boss Vince Mcmohan, who is strongly opposing the Yes movement to be featured once again inside the ring because he thinks that it would be a risky affair for Daniel’s health. But on a second thought if he does not let it happen he will lose one of the most popular superstars in this PG era which is not a good thing at all especially when the ratings are immensely going at a record low. And there would be no better way to increase by bringing back the “Yes” movement.

As the reports are coming, most likely Vince is going to choose the second option whatever outcome may happen. And the Bryan would jump ship to Japan’s top promotion New Japan Pro-Wrestling where he will be welcomed with open arms, not renewing his WWE contract further.

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