Daniel Bryan to face masked Kane for the WWE world Heavyweight championship at Extreme Rules

Jeet / 20 April 2014

Our reports from the United State of America claim that the WWE World Heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan is scheduled to defend his championship against his former buddy, the current WWE Director of Operations Kane. The match will be official by the following episode of Monday Night Raw.

A hint of this match was given when Stephanie McMahon and Kane was seen talking on the backstage last week on Monday Night Raw. Stephanie McMahon tried to provoke Kane by reminding his past when children as well as elders used to scare of him. Kane’s mask was kept on a table beside them. Kane took the mask in his hands and left the place.

It indicates towards a simple thing, Kane is coming back in his mask next week. And since Evolution is back last week, it looks like neither Batista nor Randy Orton is going to face Daniel Bryan for the WWE World Heavyweight championship at Extreme Rules as Evolution attacked and assaulted The Shield. There might be a six man tag team match between The Shield and Evolution. So the vacant spot for the championship would be filled by the Big Red Machine.

Now, the question that might rise is, how would Kane fit for the prime championship at this stage? Kane and Daniel Bryan have faced each other a lot of times before, how could it be a main event of a pay per view event? Maybe this is why WWE decided to put Kane back in his mask. They know it very well if the audience would be really delighted to see Kane in his mask.

But another problem remains here, would not it be a little too predictable? We all know that WWE would never allow Kane to win the championship at this stage of his career. But you see, there are no other options available when the full team of Evolution is busy in a different match. There are not enough main eventers in the roster either, and the others might not be a good fit to the current storyline. And the championship must be defended since this is the prime championship right now. So from every angle, Kane is the right man to face Daniel Bryan for the WWE World Heavyweight championship. And since the pay per view is Extreme Rules, there would be a stipulation for this as well, it might be a last man standing match, or maybe a ring of fire match. Any stipulation even a No Holds Barred matchwould make this match interesting. We hope to get the best out of it.


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