Five Possible Challengers for Seth Rollins' WWE World Heavyweight Championship title at 2015 SummerSlam

Vicky / 26 July 2015

Build-up for WWE SummerSlam has already begun when The Undertaker returned and attacked Brock Lesner last week at the Battleground PPV and later on RAW, WWE COO Triple H has announced that both will collide against each other in the main event of the PPV that is scheduled to take place at the Barclays Centre, Brooklyn, New York. But there is a huge speculation regarding Seth Rollins and his World Heavyweight Championship. Right now, there is no one who is involved in a rivalry with Seth Rollins. Here we look at five possible challengers who could face Seth Rollins for the WHC title at SummerSlam.


Finally WWE fans are all set to get what they wished for a long time. After spending several months in mid-card matches, The Swiss Superman Cesaro is all set to get the push he deserved if the recent storylines are to be believed. Earlier when asked about the lack of push for Cesaro, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon said that Cesaro doesn’t connect quite well with the audience and that is the reason for Cesaro not getting enough push. But in the recent times, Cesaro has managed to impress the chairman and was a part of some exciting matches during John Cena’s US Title Open Challenges. With this, Cesaro is slowly moving into the main event frame and there are some minute possibilities that Cesaro might be the one facing Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight title. Cesaro also put up a great main event against Seth Rollins in the 23 July 2015 episode of WWE SmackDown in which Seth will eventually win the match.

Kewin Owens

Kewin Owens was considered as the “next big thing” in WWE when he made his debut in NXT at the NXT takeover in 2014 against CJ Parker and went on to attack his friend and NXT Champion Sami Zayn later that night. He fought Zayn for the title barely 2 months after making his debut and depicted himself as a monster heel. He made his debut in WWE Raw when he walked down to accept John Cena’s US Title Open Challenge and beat Cena in a non-title match in his PPV debut at the WWE Payback. Ever since, Owens has impressed everyone as a wrestler and despite that, he became the latest wrestler to be buried by John Cena at the WWE Battleground few nights ago. Even there were some rumours surrounding his mid-card there might be some slight chance that he will be involved in a Championship match but the title is not yet decided.

Roman Reigns

Now it’s time to go back to square one. Four months ago, Seth Rollins was crowned the Champion at the main event of Wreslemania where he cashed in his money in the bank contract between Brock Lesner and Roman Reigns. After few days, it was revealed that it was a last minute decision by the WWE to make Seth the winner instead of Roman Reigns. Ever since, Seth and Roman never faced each other in a rematch for the title and SummerSlam would be the perfect stage for the match to take place.


It was painful for the die-hard WWE fans to see Devil’s favourite demon Kane, once a Big Red Monster in a corporate gimmick. Those days might be over as this is high-time that the masked Kane returns to WWE. Over the past few months, Kane has faced some tough times with Seth Rollins, who rocked by him numerous times and also called him “a seven feet piece of crap”. Recently when Brock Lesner attacked Kane, Seth Rollins ran away and later came back to add salt to Kane’s wound. So there are high possibilities that a masked Kane will appear and show his wrath on Seth Rollins.

John Cena

A Champion vs Champion match between John Cena and Seth Rollins is also a possibility after Cena interrupted Rollins’ promo on Raw last week. But the fans doesn’t want Cena to face Rollins for the title since a win put will put Cena on par with double Hall of Famer Ric Flair as the 16 time World Champion. But this is the likeliest feud among all the options and in the coming weeks, Kewin Owens will cost John Cena his US title during an open challenge and that would make John Cena the challenger in the WHC match at SummerSlam against Seth. In this case, Owens will also get his US Championship match at SummerSlam.

Note: Among these five choices, Cesaro and Kewin Owens might be a part of match at SummerSlam and it could well be for the US title. Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose are set to face the Wyatt Family members and it leaves either Kane or John Cena for facing Seth at SummerSlam. If Kane returns to take vengeance against Seth Rollins, then the match between Owens and Cesaro might be a triple threat for the US title involving the Champion John Cena and Kane might go on to face Seth for the title. 

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