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Four championships of WWE that should not have been defunct

Over the years the WWE have made certain championships defunct. Where some were perhaps the right decisions, others have left their shadow till this day. Today we present you the top four Championships which shouldn’t have been made defunct. Cruiserweight Championship : It was a very decision from WWE management to defunct the Cruiserweight championship. As the light heavyweight championship was replaced by the Cruiserweight title(though, in 2001 both titles simultaneously were on the business for nine months, later, in December Light Heavyweight title was retired without any formal announcement) the title wasn’t missed by the fans. But totally erasing the Cruiserweight division was as absolutely terrible idea from WWE. There were a reason behind the feuds of the under heavyweights before 2008, but what are the use of their fights now? Probably because WWE don’t have much names who could feature in the cruiserweight division. But if you give it a careful look, you’ll find many wrestlers from current WWE roster who could make the Cruiserweight division truly famous like Epiko, Heat Slater, Hunico, JinderMahal, The Usos, Justin Gabriel, Primo Colon, Kofi Kingston, R-Truth, Sin Cara, Tyson Kidd, Yoshi Tatsu, Zack Ryder and many other suitable names are there. So it would be really very interesting to see the cruiserweight division back in the business. Hardcore Championship : The title was there in the business for only four year but in this few little time, the title got a high recognition from the fans. The Hardcore division was a very enjoyable one to watch. The title went to the wastes of many legendary names of professional wrestling like Mankind, Kane, The British Bulldog, Kurt Angle, The Undertaker, The Big Show, Rob Van Dam and more. But as it was unified with the intercontinental championship on August 26, 2002, WWE decided to retire the title. The most interesting thing about this championship was the quick change of hand of this title, and of course the hardcore matches. The hardcore championship is missed by fans a lot. It was a great and very enjoyable division. Maybe WWE would think twice before re-adding this division because of the PG era. Hardcore match means a lot of violence and high level of gore, especially blood. Though, matches are done under various stipulations but they are nothing compared to the hardcore matches performed in attitude era. Still, it would be great to have hardcore division back.

Women’s Championship : Women’s championship carries a lot of history since 1956. How could WWE defunct the historic women’s championship for the divas title? The title was with WWE more than any other title in the current roster, even it was founded seven years before World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment championship was founded. Adding the Divas title was a good idea but retiring the Women’s championship was a terrible idea. History can’t be bought, it is created. The Women’s championship carries a lot of history. We believe the retirement of Women’s championship for the Divas title is the poorest decision from WWE. World Tag team Championship : Unlike the women’s championship, the World Tag team championship also carries a history. Since 1971, the world tag team titles have created an era which has been defunct by WWE in 2010. Since 2002, there were two tag team titles for each promotions(World tag team championships for Raw and WWE tag team championship for Smackdown). But in 2010, WWE unified both tag team titles and retired the World tag team titles in favor of the WWE tag team titles just because it carries the name of WWE. But was it a wise decision to defunct a championship which carries a forty years history? We think not.

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