With the Dudleyz being back in WWE, the reports are coming that the Hardys are in consideration to be brought back in WWE. These Rumors are followed with Matt Hardy expressing his desire to return to WWE in the near future. Though many thought that these are just unnecessary rumors with Matt just winning the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and he is not going anywhere. But after that TNA had to come up with a storyline to take the title off from Matt Hardy and make a tournament crown the new TNA world heavyweight champion.

Many are seeing this as a Chris Benoit situation in WCW where Benoit was the WCW world heavyweight champion. But since he jumped ship to WWE, WCW had no choice but to change the storyline. The case may be same here. And we can expect to see an old feud renewed i.e. The Dudleyz take on the Hardy Boys. The Hardy’s and Dudley’s in a TLC match at Wrestlemania Texas would certainly be one of the most attractive to the attitude era fans and surely give a boost to the subscription number of the WWE Network.

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