The Great Khali is the only one who has held the WWE gold from India. That milestone and his remarkable debut against the Undertaker has made him a household name in India. It is a rare occasion when you see an Indian wrestler making it big to the WWE, but Khali was the one who paved the way for upcoming talents who are genuinely interested in Wrestling.

Khali left WWE years ago but to find out new talents, he has now started his own wrestling school in India. Recently, Khali performed on Indian soil for the very first time and managed to once again captivate the imagination of millions of professional wrestling fans in India. (courtesy

Recently SportsKeeda had conducted an exclusive interview with the Punjabi wrestler who highlighted his views on different topics. Khali’s reaction when he came to know that his first outing would be with the Undertaker was “Well, primarily it is Vince McMahon who books feuds. I was very happy that I got to wrestle The Undertaker very early in my career. Very few people get to face The Undertaker at any point in their career, so that was something I was immensely happy with.”

About winning the world heavyweight championship early in his career, he added “You’d probably understand the kind of reaction winning a World title in WWE would generate in a wrestler. It was the proudest moment I’ve felt in 35 years. For an Indian, getting to WWE is a big deal. Winning the title was something else; my dream came true when I won the World Heavyweight title in WWE.”

Talking about the future of the pro-wrestling in India, Khali quoted “The future looks very bright (for pro wrestling in India). Professional wrestling has to find its place in India; not just in India, but I believe it has to be embraced by people around the world. When you look at the NFL in the United States, baseball and even in India, when you look at cricket; these sports do a lot of good for the country. So I believe professional wrestling has to grow, particularly in a country like India.”

Khali opened his school Continental Wrestling Entertainment in India for the sole purpose of improving wrestling fanbase in India. Khali was injured a week ago at the hands of foreign wrestlers while wrestling for the very first time in India. “That’s a part and parcel of the business. I’ve been injured numerous times before, but as they say here, ‘mard ko dard nehi hota’. So I’m doing well now.”

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