WWE Hall of Famer recently wrote a blog on his website jrsbarbq.com where he focused on NXT takeover. Here is what he said;

“Really enjoyed the NXT broadcast Thursday night on the @WWENetwork. I watched it on my iPad while the Mrs. and I tried to watch the @steelers vs. @ravens game that saw our Pittsburgh squad get severely ‘woodshedded.’ I disconnected from the NFL early Thursday night and the NXT show had my attention. 

The match quality and the the flow of the NXT show was well produced and organized. The matches, by and large, were allowed time to tell the best story that they could. The matches that were being counted on to deliver certainly did.

Especially impressed with the women’s match and how it was laid out and executed. Good stuff by all involved. Bailey is evolving very well and Charlotte is simply ‘special’ and so naturally athletic. Her nuances are far beyond someone with her experience level. My only hope is that Flair’s daughter doesn’t get any more tat’s. Small point but it was something that I noticed. She has the chance, tats or not, to be a true star on the main roster much sooner than later.

Thought the main event, fatal four way, which can be a cluster, was well booked and executed. All the talents in this match plus the producers who put it together deserve a big time attaboy. Lots of effort and a nice story was told. Several unique agendas were touched on in this contest which is the mark of solid booking. Tyson Kidd once again demonstrated why he is one of the most under utilized talents in WWE IMO. Sami Zayn has been stellar since day one in NXT and has a bright future ahead of him. the Lance Storm trained Tyler Breeze has a great, TV persona and has every heel trait one could want in a talent. He gets it. Adrian Neville continues to remind me of a young, Tommy Billington which is a good thing as it relates to his in ring work and he, too, has a future on the WWE main roster at some point in time.

It’s much better for these talents to say in NXT than to be called up with no significant and meaningful buildup and with a minimum, 6 month plan than otherwise. Any NXT talent being called up to the WWE main roster should be called up with them being a potential main eventer in mind and not just a new body to fill a roster spot of someone who’s shelf life has ended.

The look of the show from a graphics, video package and music stand point were all stellar. Many fans will likely say that Thursday night’s show will be the best RAW TV show of the week and one would be challenged to argue that point.

Also thought the three person team worked well together even to my often times overly critical ear. They focused on what my eyes were seeing so they did not create any unnecessary disconnects. This would be my Smackdown commentary team if asked. These three broadcasters need to thank their producer, @MichaelCole, who kept them focused and had them well prepared.

William Regal is one of the most all around talented individuals in the WWE is excellent in his role of NXT GM.

All in all it was two of the best hours of WWE programming that I’ve seen in a good while. Again, congrats to all involved in the team effort.”


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