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One of the most popular storylines from the COVID-19 pandemic on WWE television was featuring Mandy Rose and Otis. The two apparently built an on-screen romance that the WWE Universe was very much fond of. That onscreen romantic angle also dragged Dolph Ziggler and Sonya Deville into the scene as the two played villainous roles to threaten the budding relationship.

This also produced a WrestleMania moment in the 36th edition where Mandy Rose assisted Otis in his victory over Ziggler who also had Sonya Deville by her side. After that match, the reel-life couple shared a warm kiss, their first one on WWE TV. Following that, Rose continued the feud with her former Fire and Desire tag team partner Deville led to a huge Loser Leaves WWE match at the 2022 Summerslam.

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Mandy Rose Had ‘A Lot Of Fun Working With Otis’ In 2020 Romantic Angle In WWE 1

Due to that, the romance story slowed down and came to its conclusion without any culmination point. In an interview on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, Mandy Rose reflected her thoughts on that unusual pairing with Otis just because the latter was attracted to her. Per one of the biggest superstars from NXT 2.0, it was a storyline that was fun and loving.

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Mandy Rose produced entertainment content with Otis

Overall, Mandy Rose loved featuring in that angle and had a lot of fun time with her admirer,

“I had a lot of fun working with him. He’s obviously a character in and out of the ring. It was really cool to be able to have that kind of storyline where it was like, you know, we barely wrestled … when they talk about sports entertainment, like, that was pure entertainment, I feel like. But it was fun. I had a lot of fun.” (Quotes courtesy Wrestling INC)

As the conversation progressed, Mandy Rose further added that she loved how other WWE Superstars contributed to the storyline, including Deville, Ziggler, and Otis himself. She admitted that her and Otis’ romance story didn’t have the best finish but at that point of the COVID-19 pandemic, everything was unpredictable and she doesn’t have any regrets. Soon after this angle, she eventually returned to NXT to start a dominant run.

Mandy Rose Had ‘A Lot Of Fun Working With Otis’ In 2020 Romantic Angle In WWE 2

Forming the Toxic Attraction stable with Jacy Jayne and Gigi Dolin was the best that could have happened to Mandy Rose as she went on to become one of the main attractions of NXT 2.0. She ended up winning the Women’s Title against Raquel Rodriguez (then Gonzalez) at NXT Halloween Havoc and thereafter one of the longest-reigning NXT Women’s Champions in history.

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