WWE champion Randy Orton recently joined Busted Open Radio where he took on some interesting stuff. Some highlights are given below;

Bully Ray’s response to Randy on Twitter:

“And the reason why I said Randy Orton is wrong again, is because I and Randy actually have a very long history. People may or may not know the story, and I’ll try to give you the cliff notes version of what happened – About 15 years ago there was a live event between me and D-Von and Randy Orton and Batista. It was just one of those matches that just did not go the right way. It was a snake bitten match. I wound up hurting my back, Randy wound up hurting his leg and his shoulder, Dave wound up hurting his triceps – it was just one of those bad nights. Those guys held a little bit of a grudge from that night, and it went on for a long long long time. Well fast forward 10 years later, I was back in the WWE.

“I and Randy saw each other and within an instant, we shook hands, we hugged, sat down, talked about it, and within five minutes we had exchanged apologies. Randy said ‘Bubba I’m sorry, I was young, I was immature, I should’ve never been saying those things I said about you.’ I said ‘Randy, I’m sorry too. I was a bit of a hot head back then, I’m sorry if I yelled at you for anything.’ We totally buried the hatchet. My last year in WWE with Randy couldn’t have been any better. We exchanged funny stories, we talked, we talked about doing the super 3-D together, it was a great time. He was one of the last people I said goodbye to at WWE. We both expressed to each other how happy we were that we were able to bury the hatchet. I still consider him one of the best workers in the world, okay? So I have zero clues why he needed to take that shot at me. But you know what? It’s all fine and good because me and Randy’s paths will cross again.”

Randy Orton’s apology on Twitter to all the ‘old timers’ he might have offended:

“Now, he mentioned ‘old timer’ in there right? So he’s probably addressing me as the old timer right? Well, he talks about the money and the 13 titles and everything like that – yeah man, I got to agree with you. Because as far as the money’s concerned, I’ve made a boatload of it Randy, just like you. So counting that money and looking at your bank statement is freaking awesome. As far as your 13 titles are concerned, man, I’m on the same page as you, because I have 24 of them. So I’m on board with you Randy, I totally get it, brother!”

If this could all be from jealousy that fans are more interested in things happening outside WWE:

“I don’t know if jealousy is the right word. I really don’t know what the right word is. Here’s what I know, I’ve experienced both ends of the spectrum and everything in between. I’ve wrestled in front of seven people in the Polish-American club in Piscataway, and 100 thousand people at WrestleMania, I’ve done the Tokyo Dome, Madison Square Garden, I’ve main events all over the world, I’ve been in ECW, I’ve been in Ring of Honor, TNA, Hustle, Old Japan, New Japan, you name it. I’ve seen all the different promotions, I’ve seen all the different styles, and I appreciate all them for what they’re worth. I understand when it comes to wrestling psychology, I understand what the perfect wrestling psychology is.

“But I also know that there are different genres and that most people like this new style of wrestling. People enjoy it. Just like people enjoy movies like Fast And Furious. You buy a ticket to go see Fast And Furious, just because you want to see everybody crash and burn. You’re not paying because you want to invest in the story. Some people want to invest in Sports Entertainment, and some people want to invest in an entertaining sport. And everything in between. And I think that’s what you’re getting in the world of pro wrestling right now, and I can’t understand why people are upset by 10 dives and 20 super-kicks because half of the roster right now in the WWE got their start doing that style.”


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