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One of the pioneer female WWE Superstars Sasha Banks is nowhere to be found on TV for a long time. While this may seem to be a concerning thing for some of the fans as her future in pro wrestling is up in the air, she herself is enjoying her life to the full extent. While nothing is confirmed about her future, she keeps on hopping from one project to another to signify that this is her own life on her own term.

Sasha Banks recently made the most recent public appearance by attending an NBA game. It appears that she also returned to her hometown with another huge achievement in her career. The multi-time champion announced via Twitter that she’s done with her very first film. “Just wrapped my first movie in #Bosston.”

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WWE Superstar Sasha Banks Done With Her First Movie Venture Shoot 1

Speaking of Boston, one of the Four-HorseWomen members from the WWE roster was expected to feature in the Survivor Series WarGames premium live event from Boston in the last week of November. However, that wasn’t the case, and rather the surprising capacity was filled by the returning Becky Lynch.

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Sasha Banks has previously featured in a web series

It’s not known which movie project Sasha Banks was referring to through her tweet. Her involvement in the film is yet to be disclosed but she previously expressed high hopes in gaining more experience in related roles like producing and acting. Going by the tweet, this movie project will mark her official silver screen debut. Previously, she starred as Koska Reeves on the Disney+ television show The Mandalorian for two episodes.

It was on May 16 that Sasha Banks opted to walk out of WWE with her tag team partner, Naomi. Since then she had not only disappeared from the company but also got vanished from the pro-wrestling scene, entirely. But in the meantime, the former Smackdown Women’s Champion has sought out many non-wrestling related opportunities, including New York Fashion Week.

WWE Superstar Sasha Banks Done With Her First Movie Venture Shoot 2

WWE fans are eager to see her back on TV but the situation still remains a complex one. WWE production effectively cut the feed of fans chanting Sasha Banks’ name at WarGames, seemingly confirming that the return negotiations between these two parties appear to be at a standstill. Even reports from Wrestling Observer Radio echoed the same thought.

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