The Undertaker’s Survivor Series 2015 plans

Arindam Paul / 28 October 2015

Survivor Series is one of the Big Four PPV’s that WWE has to offer in the year. Though it is the least important as compared to the other three i.e. Wrestlemania, Summerslam and Royal Rumble.

But this year the calendar may see the change as WWE already started to create the hype for Survivor Series by declaring it The Undertaker’s 25th anniversary.

WWE has chosen the way that is destined to be the best when it comes to business perspective as they have already advertised The Undertaker for the PPV that is scheduled to take place on 22nd November 2015 from Phillips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia.

Hell in a Cell saw the inevitable end of the feud between The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar and it’s, needless to say, that end of everything marks something new and it is quite true in the case of The Undertaker. Taker was getting a standing ovation from the audience present at the Staples’ Center as well as from them who was watching from home. Just when all started to think that it was going to be the end of the show with a “Thank You Taker” filled the arena the lights went out and WWE managed to get something out of their sleeve. A vicious attack by the Wyatt family and the Deadman was carried away from the arena by them.


All of these points to only one thing and that is a match between team Undertaker and the Wyatt family at the upcoming PPV which sound great in paper and theory both. Kudos to the Legend, The Undertaker as he is still devoted to the business so much loyalty and it’s very tough to wrestle on a regular basis given his age is 50-year.

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