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Top 10 Heel wrestlers of pre attitude Era part 3

 3. Ric Flair : We all know what a great heel the nature boy was. Ric Flair’s stable The four Horsemen is one of the best heel stables of all times. He debut to professional wrestling in 1972. He was made famous by NWA and WCW. He got the nickname of Nature Boy from NWA in the mid 70’s. Ric Flair had a three year career in WWF before the attitude era.In this small time, he managed two World Wrestling Federation championship reigns, one tag team championship reign and he won the Royal Rumble match 1992 to become the World Wrestling Federation champion. Nature Boy’s wrestling career got more recognition in NWA and WCW. After he returned to WWE/F in 2001, he showed what he is actually made of. Former 19 times world champion (10 times NWA world champion, 7 times WCW champion, 2 times WWF champion) is definitely one of the best heels in the history of professional wrestling.  

2. ‘The Million Doller Man’ Ted Dibiase : World Wrestling Federation in the late 80’s and the 90’s could never be imagined without The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase. His stable – The Million Dollar Corporation is arguably the best stable in WWF of the pre attitude era. I’m sure if Ted Dibiase was a superstar of the PG era, he could easily manage 7 or 8 major championship reigns if John Cena can have 11 WWE championship reigns. A superstar like him could manage only one WWF championship reign. His gimmick was so unique by his time. You will see, many superstars have played a pretty same gimmick like him after his time, for example, JBL or Alberto Del Rio. I have a feeling that if Ted Dibiase returns as a general manager of either Raw or Smackdown, he can things heat up more.  

1.‘Rowdy’ RoddyPiper : Without any doubt ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper is the best heel of pre attitude era, and arguably, the best heel in the history of WWE too. He is one of my personal favorite wrestlers. Like the Immortal Hulk Hogan, Roddy Piper is another name who made golden era successful. He was the face of WWF in the along with the few names like Hulk Hogan. A wrestler like him could manage only a tag team championship run and an intercontinental run. WWF never let him go through a World Wrestling Federation championship reign. Just think about the wrestling of those days and nowadays, Jeff Hardy managed three major title reigns, Albero Del Rio wins his first and biggest Royal Rumble in the history, The Rock become the WWE champion in spite of being a part timer, The Miz gets the main event of WrestleMania, WWE has completely changed. When I see Jeff Hardy, Albero Del Rio, The Miz snatching the championship so easily, I feel so bad for superstars Roddy Piper, Paul Orndorff, Tully Blanchard, Ricky Steamboat, Greg Valentine, Jimmy Snuka, Jake Roberts etc. who did everything for the company but could never achieve the ultimate gold.   Honorable mentions : Jake Roberts, Gorgeous George, Killer Kowalski, Fabulous Moolah, The Sheik.  

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