Private moments are not meant to be private if it comes to WWE and for a fan’s rejoice we had seen innumerable times when one superstar met his lips with a WWE Diva. Sometimes it felt really joyous as sometimes it made us feel disgusted. But most of all it left us with shock and rocked the WWE universe when a new alliance was created between a superstar and a Diva.

Remember the one when Beth Phoenix entered the Royal Rumble becoming the first time ever? She even eliminated The Great Khali and that too by virtue of a kiss! This one starts the countdown.

The queen of kiss should be crowned to Aj Lee. She had made quite a name for herself by only kissing people despite the fact that later she became the longest reigning Divas champion of all time. Sometimes she even kissed people without any reason but most of the time her lip actions created havoc inside the ring like the one moment that is counted in the clip.

Kiss is one other way to betray one people. Take the example of Edge and Vickie Guerrero. Edge’s kiss clipping ruined their wedding ceremony as Vickie returned the favor by another one clip, which caught her and Big Show red handed.

But perhaps the top two moments is definitely going to be the one when Lita and Edge formed the alliance betraying Kane kissing in front of him and in Wrestlemania when Aj Lee’s kiss caused Daniel Bryan to lose the title in just 18 seconds! Let’s see the clippings.


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