There have been a lot of speculations if Shane McMahon will actually be in the ring with the Undertaker or not. And that’s fair considering his age and the number of years he has been away from professional wrestling. And he will straight land up at the grandest stage of them all at Wrestlemania 32 on April 3rd, at the AT&T stadium in Arlington, Dallas, Texas.

As seen in the video he is training hard though for the highly anticipated match which will decide the fate of Monday night RAW. He has revealed via social networking site Twitter that he’s currently practicing Muay Thai with trainer Ajarn Phil Nurse in New York City. While training hard for the match he also dropped another video of himself in which he is seeing preparing for his triceps.


It is indeed his message to the fans that he is trying his level best to be in the greatest shape possible for the mega match. While he is trying he needs to be more focused on the task so that he can match steps with a legendary wrestler, The Undertaker who has made Wrestlemania almost synonymical with his name. The phenome will be present on this week’s RAW to address the situation that brewing up with his match this year.

Shane McMahon returned to RAW interrupting Vince presenting his daughter Stephanie with the Vince J McMahon legacy award. “The Money” was present on RAW after a long hiatus of six years and fans present at the arena and all over the world just couldn’t stop going ga-ga over the moment, making it trending worldwide. Shane decided to claim his demand on taking over RAW. This was reverted back into a stipulation by Vince McMahon further, i.e. if Shane wins against the Undertaker at Wrestlemania, then only he can take over RAW.



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