Will Batista get his retirement match at Wrestlemania 32?

Arindam Paul / 20 November 2015

With some of the big names missing from the roster as of late and Wrestlemania season coming around the corner WWE is definitely planning some big names to bring in for the season to add some star power for the mega show in Dallas.

According to the reports coming from the Inquistr, some initials plans are chalked out for bringing back Batista. He himself is ready to return the ring as he is available now and not engaged in any movie. And if he does so this would be his final spell in WWE and thereby giving the superstar a retirement match at the grandest stage of them all.

Earlier Batista wished to be in a match up with the Rock but as earlier reported that The Great One will not be available for any in-ring action in Wrestlemania due to some insurance problems. He quoted,

”At this point, you’re more likely to see [The Rock and me] in the ring together. If you flash back to WrestleMania XX, that would be the only time. I don’t have any plans right now to return to the ring or to do a film with Dwayne, but I would jump at the chance for either opportunity”

But now that The Rock is unavailable, he is left with one last option and that is none other than the Beast Incarnate himself, Brock Lesnar. The speculation is that the match between The Beast and The Animal will be Batista’s last match in the squared circle.

WWE legend Jim Ross has also supported the idea of bringing Batista back against Brock Lesnar. Batista as the heel against the babyface Brock will sell tickets like hot cake.

WWE creative should listen to the idea of the legend as it surely sounds one promising one. In the present scenario, Brock has no opponent in is the way for Wrestlemania 32 and this dream match would be best for business. Though these are just rumors at this moment but this one sounds so promising that it might just end up being true.


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