In wrestling industry, returns are always treated as the best way to create a pop for the superstar. It’s the moment when emotions for that particular superstar comes into play and thereby creating a hype for the on taking him straight into the limelight. Whereas returns are successful most of the time there are certain occasions when it did fail making it an exception. We always used to get goose bumping moments when it comes to returns, but there are some contrary scenarios. And here are top 5 of them:

Rob Van Dam (2013)

RVD is known for his high-flying electric moves and had a solid career in WWE and ECW till his return to 2013. In fact, he still has the potential to show up and might get a good pop if he does so. But that was not the case in 2013. He returned after a six months hiatus in Philadelphia creating a good hype but afterwards the spell never lived up to the expectations. He was put into a feud with Alberto Del Rio and ended up losing a series of matches consistently.  After that, he left WWE and reports say that Van Dam was unhappy about how WWE treated him during his return.

Trish Stratus (2011)

Most of the people will undoubtedly agree that Trish is the greatest Diva of all time and so her return during Wrestlemania 27 in 2011 created hype in the fans. She was in good shape for wrestling and her wrestling skills are there to be seen. She was put in the storyline with Jersey Shore celebrity Snooki against Laycool. The performers had a great potential, but there was not enough power in the storyline to match up the hype and wrapped up with a 6 person tag match at Wrestlemania which was a forgettable one.


Bret Hart (2010)

After Montreal Screwjob it was indeed a treat to have Bret Hart in the ring once again.  It was an emotional moment for the fans and it would be a good thing if WWE would leave it there. But they stretched it which ended up in a match up with Vince Mcmohan at Wrestlemania. The competitors would have make it one great match if would have happened a decade ago. But being overbooked it turned out to be one of the worst matches of the year.


Lord Tensai (2012)

Early of this 2000’s A-train was a familiar name in WWE. After his first spell in WWE, he went to Japan. He did some tremendous improvements there, despite everyone’s thought that he would not do much well there. He made his return in WWE in 2012 with a newly packaged persona called Lord Tensai. Initially, the storyline looked good and booked with some good matches with stars like Cena. But WWE never mentioned his first run during that time which was a big mistake and soon the hype was cooled off and he ended up being a dance member in the Funkadactyls alongside Naomi and Cameron!

Batista (2014)

After being one of the most successful wrestler and main eventer in WWE history, Batista went on Hollywood to pursue a career over there. After quite a few years, he was ready to make his return in early 2014. Everyone thought that fans would greet him with a warm welcome, but quite unpredictably fans started booing him since the day he returned. The fans could not digest Batista as the Royal Rumble winner and though he headlined Wrestlemania 30 it did not do any good for him. WWE tried one last by making him heel, but it failed too. Nothing much is needed to say here as this one was a complete disaster.


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