Controversy Addressed From Greatest Royal Rumble Title Match

WWE: Controversy Addressed from Greatest Royal Rumble Title Match

Greatest Royal Rumble
Photo Credit: WWE.

On this past Friday night, we witnessed the Greatest Royal Rumble on the WWE Network. It was a night from Saudi Arabia to remember for ages

There were seven championship matches on the show with the legendary names like Undertaker, John Cena, Triple H in action in separate matches. The prime title match contested on the show was for the Universal Championship.

Roman Reigns squared off in a match against Brock Lesnar, once again at the Greatest Royal Rumble. This was a rematch from Wrestlemania 34 where the Big Dog received yet another opportunity to take the title away from the Conqueror.

To hype up the match, even more, it was made into a steel cage match.

As we all know, there are more ways to win this battle apart from pinfall or submission. You have to climb or escape the cage and hit both feet on the floor to win the contest.

This rule was applied while deciding the winner of the contest, this time around. But, it was clear from the replays that the referee did not take a fair call.

The finishing segments witnessed Roman Reigns dominating the match with numerous superman punches and spears. The final spear was delivered through the steel cage as both men went outside the ring.

After digesting the spear, the beast incarnate was still lying on the steel cage whereas Roman Reigns fell on the floor. So, technically, he should have won the match.

But, the referee did not notice this and let Lesnar retain his championship.

In a backstage interview, the WWE Raw general manager addressed the situation stating that knew it was a bad call.

Reigns should have left Greatest Royal Rumble as the Universal Champion.

But, as always, the referee’s decision stands, for now. He did not take any further step to rectify the mistake.

Even on WWE TV, the commentators addressed the situation saying that the referee apologized for his bad call. But, the question still remains as to why would not Reigns be given a second chance to win the championship.

For now, Lesnar is expected to be out of action for sometimes whereas Reigns will face Samoa Joe at Backlash PPV.

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