WWE News: Daniel Bryan expectes to turn heel in the near future
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WWE News: Daniel Bryan to turn heel in the near future

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A feud has been building slowly between Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon on Smackdown Live. The rift is continuing ever since the Survivor Series event in 2017. This is certainly indicating that a big culmination is reserved in this rivalry.

However, we can’t be confirmed of that since the Smackdown general manager was declared incompetent by the WWE doctors.

Recently, the speculations of Daniel Bryan turning into a heel persona are being nurtured on the social media for quite sometimes.

A big hint of the same was given on the first episode of Smackdown Live in 2018 where the WWE Championship match for Royal Rumble. Showing his favouritism to Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, he handed them a title match.

Not only they got to win the championship on January 28th but the match was announced as a two-on-one handicapped capacity which gives the heel the upper-hand heading into the match.

Such announcement was unexpected from a natural babyface like Daniel Bryan which is a severe hint that a character transition is reserved for the leader of the YES movement.

This was supported by the reports of Wrestling Observer Newsletter. According to them, Daniel Bryan will turn into a villain, soon. This will add more layer to the ongoing feud against Shane-o-Mac.

This heel-turn means only two things. First one remains WWE finally allowing Bryan to come back to in-ring competition at Wrestlemania 34.

The move will come since the deal with one of the most popular superstars of this generation will be over, later this year. So, WWE will clear him to wrestle, once again to retain him under their banner. But, there’s another side of the story, as well.

As reported by SportsKeeda.com, it might be an intentional move by Vince McMahon, as well.

Check out the quotes:

“Vince, being the shrewd man he is, doesn’t want any other promotion to take advantage of Bryan’s massive popularity. He wants to turn him heel so that he loses the steam in case Bryan leaves the company.”

Reports do suggest that the former WWE Champion will leave the company if they did not let him wrestle in the company.

So, it will be a master-stroke by the Boss of the WWE.

However, it is almost confirmed that Bryan will come out of retirement in whatever ways possible.

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