WWE News: Drew McIntyre Comments On Potential Return From Injury

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WWE News: Drew McIntyre comments on potential return from injury 

WWE News: Drew McIntyre comments on potential return from injury
Drew McIntyre spoke on his potential return to wrestling. Photo Credit: WWE.

Drew McIntyre is considered to be a bonafide singles performer in the squared circle ever since his debut in the WWE in 2007. Back in the days, Vince McMahon himself promoted him as the guy who might become the next big thing in the company.

Initially, the plans of giving him tremendous push also worked well.

Later, he lost his established spot on the roster that forced him to join a group called 3MB which was good for nothing.

Gradually, this forced him to leave the company and join the Impact Wrestling promotion to become a world champion in 2014. Later, he came back to the WWE to perform on the NXT roster, last year.

He is considered to be the franchise guy in the brand. Hence, the creative team took fewer times to elevate him onto the roster and make him the NXT Champion.

However, his glory days did not remain longer considering that he suffered an arm injury back at the NXT Takeover event in late November. Owing to this, he had to lose the championship to CIen Andrade Almas.

Since then, the former NXT Champion is out of in-ring competition rehabbing the injury. There was no update available about his comeback to the ring reclaiming the title until he came up with an announcement in recent times.

According to an update on Twitter, Drew McIntyre is back at the WWE Performance Center which is a big indication that it might only be a matter of time to see him back on NXT. Joining the center for training is considered to be the biggest step to make the return.

Hence, SportsKeeda.com stated the following assuming it will happen soon:

“Now back at the WWE Performance Center, McIntyre explained that he’s been a wrestler over half of his life and spent a considerable amount of time in the US — moving from one address to another. However, if there’s one place he’s always called home it’s indeed the squared circle.”

It is expected that with the Wrestlemania season coming in, McIntyre will be brought back onboard in order to perform at the biggest NXT Takeover event of the year in April.

The former champion will be looking to come back getting the contractually obligated rematch for the championship.

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