The match began with The Ascension facing The Lucha Dragons, dual masked high-flyers who immediately put their fast-paced, jaw-dropping offense to work, keeping Konnor & Viktor on their heels. Eventually, the larger and more powerful duo of The Ascension regained control, thanks in part to The New Day, who grabbed Kalisto’s legs when he ascended to the top of the trios’ pod.

As the two former NXT Tag Team Champions The Ascension and Lucha Dragons battled back and forth, Kidd & Cesaro were the first duo to emerge from inside their respective pod and the pair instantaneously took control of the match. The former WWE Tag Team Champions showed their determination to reclaim the titles by keeping their four fellow competitors on the defensive.

Los Matadores entered the bout next with El Torito leaping from the top of the pod, taking down Cesaro. With chaos erupting in the center of the ring, Kalisto scaled the Elimination Chamber to its roof high above the mat, before he plunged to take out every competitor below. As soon as the WWE Universe picked their jaws up off the floor, they dropped again as the tiny El Torito then amazingly climbed to the ceiling of the structure. The Ascension, however, caught the brave bull and viciously threw him to the outside of the ring before Viktor & Konnor eliminated El Torito’s cohorts, Los Matadores, with The Fall of Man.

The Ascension’s celebration was short-lived as Prime Time Players made their way into the ring and immediately stopped the face-painted warriors in their tracks. Titus O’Neil & Darren Young made quick work of The Ascension and eliminated them before focusing on Kidd & Cesaro.

Finally, The New Day entered the match and utilized their numbers advantage — proving their decision to listen to Kane was the right move.

However, in an effort to level the playing field against the WWE Tag Team Championship trio, The Prime Time Players joined forced with Kidd & Cesaro to take out Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods — all three defending titleholders — with an unprecedented seven-man suplex.

Following a Cesaro Swing on Kingston, Darren Young seized an opportunity and pinned a disoriented Cesaro, thus eliminating the former tag team champions and WWE Universe-supported contenders in the bout.

With numbers back in their favor, The New Day attacked The Prime Time Players with intense ferocity. Although at a 3-on-2 disadvantage, Young fought, eventually joined by his partner, O’Neil, and the million dollar duo began dismantling all three members of The New Day.

Unfortunately for the aspiring challengers, no matter what they did, The Prime Time Players just couldn’t seal the victory — even after O’Neil’s near upset pinfall. Managing to recalibrate, The New Day worked together to bring down their opponents and secure an impressive triple pinfall in the historic 13-man Chamber Match for the WWE Tag Team Championships.

Neville def. Bo Dallas

Despite a lingering leg injury, Neville defeated longtime rival Bo Dallas with the Red Arrow at WWE Elimination Chamber in the American Bank Center.

Neville wasted no time in showcasing his skills when he debuted in March 2015. But with his rising success, he caught the attention of NXT rival Dallas, who debuted on a similar hot streak the year before.

Hoping to get back to his winning ways, the inspirational Dallas began to attack Neville, injuring his leg in the process. With his legs taped up, though, The Man That Gravity Forgot battled through the pain to get retribution.

Dallas quickly targeted the wounded leg at Elimination Chamber, but Neville showed that it wouldn’t be a hindrance to him, flooring his opponent with a top-rope moonsault. Before Neville could build momentum, however, Dallas dropped to his knees and pleaded with him, claiming he only wanted to make Neville better.

With Neville confused by the bizarre display, Dallas hit him with a cheap shot, followed by a brutal series of knees to the head and chest. With every near-fall, Dallas only got angrier.

His overzealous attack proved to be his downfall, though, as Neville countered a charge by tripping him into the turnbuckle. The New Sensation had Dallas reeling with a series of kicks, and after surviving a devastating DDT, Neville capped his rally with an enzuigiri and a Red Arrow for the victory.

Neville continues to impress against the competition, and at Elimination Chamber, he showed that neither a longtime thorn in his side nor some soreness in his leg will stop his ascent.

Divas Champion Nikki Bella def. Naomi and Paige in a Triple Threat Match

Nikki Bella may not have had twin sister Brie at ringside for Elimination Chamber’s Divas Championship Triple Threat Match, but that didn’t stop WWE’s most “fearless” Diva from prevailing against Paige and Naomi and extending her title reign to 189 days.

Though Paige was expected to be the lone combatant to arrive at ringside without backup — Brie Bella normally accompanies her twin sister, while Naomi has rarely been spotted without her mean-mugging muscle, Tamina, by her side — The Authority sought to level the playing field by ordering ahead of time that no one be allowed at ringside during the high-stakes match.

From the outset, the cyclonic nature of Triple Threat Matches became apparent, with all three Divas taking turns tossing each other around the ring and breaking up pinfall attempts at the count of one. Naomi sent Nikki flying into the announce desk in the early goings, but she erred with her cross body block off the top rope, which Paige nonchalantly sidestepped.

Looking to snare her third Divas Title, Paige knocked down Naomi with short clotheslines before dropping her with a fall-away slam. Nikki, no doubt eager to reinsert herself in the action and protect her title, scrambled in and nailed Paige with an Alabama Slam, only to nearly get pinned by a quick-thinking Naomi, who tried exploiting the most narrow of openings.

Naomi ran Nikki shoulder-first into the steel ring post before turning her attention to Paige. After slamming the raven-haired Diva with a suplex, Naomi perched Paige on the top rope and prepared for a belly-to-back superplex. Just then, Nikki ran back in and powerbombed Naomi, who still had Paige in her clutches, bringing all three Divas crashing to the mat.

A subsequent attempt at hitting Paige with the Rack Attack failed when Naomi nailed the defending titleholder with the move she calls the Rear View, but Paige broke up the count. Similarly, when Paige tried locking in a PTO against Nikki, Naomi made sure the submission was never cinched in, blasting Paige with a kick.

Soon thereafter, Paige managed to place Naomi on her shoulders, setting her up for an electric chair, but the boundlessly athletic and innovative Naom countered the move into a spine-crunching reverse hurricanrana.

As Paige lay incapacitated outside the ring, Naomi tried an enziguri against Nikki, but The Fearless Diva ducked and crushed her challenger with the Rack Attack for the huge victory. With two top contenders downed in a single match, what’s next for WWE’s dominant Diva?

Stardust def. Zack Ryder (Kickoff Match)

In an opening contest that ignited the WWE Universe at WWE Elimination Chamber 2015, Stardust reigned supreme over Zack Ryder in a special Elimination Chamber Kickoff Match — presented by Mountain Dew Kickstart.

Less than a week after answering John Cena’s U.S. Open Challenge on Raw — with the cast of Entouragein his corner — Long Island Iced-Z journeyed to Elimination Chamber Kickoff looking to the cosmos. The hard-fought showdown between Ryder and his bizarre opponent star-obsessed foe stretched both inside and outside the ring, and truly sent both Superstars to new heights. But, in the final moments, when “The Woo Woo Woo Kid” attempted the Rough Ryder, Stardust quickly countered and unveiled his new finishing maneuver, “The Queen’s Crossbow” for the victory.


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